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The first Albanian feudal state was declared at Krujë (Kroja) by the Archon Progon in [1190]. Progon’s older son, Gjin Progonović was Lord of Krujë and Elbasan from [1200] to [1208]. The independent state of Albania founded by Progon lasted until the middle of the 13th century, after which the country relapsed into disunity. The primary sources which confirm the parentage and marriages of the members of this family have not yet been identified, unless otherwise stated below.



  1. PROGON . He gained possession of the castle at Krujë and the territory around it[1]. m ---. The name of Progon's wife is not known. Progon & his wife had two children:
    1. GJIN Progonović (-[1208] or after). Lord of Krujë and Elbasan from [1200] to [1208]. m ---. The name of Gjin's wife is not known. Gjin & his wife had one child:
      1. daughter (-before 1216). m as his first wife, GRGUR Kamonas, son of ---. Sébastos. Lord of Krujë. Archon of Krujë and Elbasan.
    2. DIMITRIJE Progonović (-1215). Lord of Krujë by 1208[2]. His territory was conquered in [1214/15] by Mikhael Komnenos Doukas Lord of Epirus[3]. m as her first husband, KOMINIA of Serbia, daughter of STEFAN Grand Župan of Serbia & his first wife Evdokia Komnene Angelina. She married secondly ([1216]) as his second wife, Grgur Kamonas Archon of Krujë and Elbasan. Dimitrije & his wife had one child:
      1. daughter . m GOULAMOS Lord of Krujë, son of ---.


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