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Medieval Lands presents narrative biographical genealogies of the major noble families which ruled Europe, North Africa and Western Asia between the 5th and 15th centuries.  The approach is to verify all information against primary source material, quoting relevant extracts in the original language.  This has enabled many traditionally accepted relationships to be challenged.  The territorial emphasis and wide scope allow innovative conclusions to be drawn about the comparative development of the nobility in different geographical areas. 

The project is ongoing, and new versions of the documents are added regularly [Click for information on updates]. The data set is currently in transition from version 2 to 3.  These are marked by a "Medieval Lands 2/3" watermark pattern which is displayed diagonally as part of the coloured background of the documents.  This is in response to large parts of some documents, and even groups of entire documents, being plagiarised anonymously on the net.  Assuming that we continue with open access, little can be done to prevent this.  However, the main problem for users is that the unauthorised copies are not updated and are therefore factually incomplete or inaccurate.  With the "watermark" display, everyone can be assured that the versions which are available on the FMG website represent the latest updates which are available.

The Foundation for Medieval Genealogy is pleased to host these pages on behalf of the author, Charles Cawley. The author welcomes feedback, including corrections and contributions of new, verified data.  If you find any broken links or have any other problems please report them.

Please use the “floating menu” visible on the right of the screen in v3, or accessed by holding the mouse over the MENU button at the bottom right of the screen in v2. If the floating menu does not display, use the link to Index where you will find hyperlinks to all pages.

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