The dukes of Brittany and the nobility in Brittany are grouped geographically in the following 4 documents. 


BRITTANY DUKES.  Dukes of BRITTANY 831-1514. 


Comtes de PENTHIEVRE, Vicomtes de PENTHIEVRE, Vicomtes de TONQUEDEC, Seigneurs de MATIGNON (GOYON), BARONS d'AVAUGOUR, Vicomtes de DINAN, Seigneurs de DINAN, Seigneurs de DOL.  Comtes de POHER. 

BRITTANY NOBILITY-NANTES, PORHOËT, RENNES: Nantes: Comtes de NANTES, Seigneurs d’ANCENIS, Seigneurs de CLISSON, Seigneurs de MACHECOUL, Seigneurs de RAYS, Seigneurs de RIEUX. 

Porhoët: Vicomtes de THRO, Vicomtes de PORHOËT, Vicomtes de ROHAN. 

Rennes: Comtes de RENNES, Seigneurs de CHÂTEAUBRIAND, Seigneurs de FOUGERES, Seigneurs de la GUERCHE [en-Bretagne] et de POËNCY, Seigneurs de MONTAUBAN, Seigneurs de MONTFORT, Seigneurs de VITRE. 







Brittany has a long tradition of separate development from the rest of France.  It successfully opposed integration into Roman Gaul, as vividly characterised by Goscinny and Uderzo[1].  Even after 1213, when the duchy passed to a younger branch of the Capet-Dreux family, the duchy remained autonomous from the Capetian crown, although increased contact with other parts of France from this time onwards is reflected in the greater number of marriages between the ducal family and other French nobility.  It was not until 1514, with the death of Anne Duchess of Brittany who had retained government of the duchy under the terms of the contract for her third marriage with Louis XII King of France, that the territory became the last of the medieval French provinces to be integrated under the French crown. 


Semi-legendary “histories” of early Brittany were woven from sparse facts and elements of Arthurian legend.  An example can be found in the “Grandes Chroniques de Bretaigne”, written in 1514 by Alain Bouchart[2], an entertaining read but virtually worthless from a historical perspective.  These histories are as extensive as the similar early quasi-histories fabricated in the late 12th/early 13th centuries in the Icelandic Sagas in respect of the Scandinavian countries.  Nevertheless, some fact can be distinguished from the legend, as non-Breton primary sources refer to rulers in Brittany by name as early as the 7th century.  For example, the Chronicle of Fredegar (written somewhat later) records that “Iudicaile rex Brittanorum” submitted to Dagobert I King of the Franks in [635] and undertook to acknowledge the suzerainty of the Frankish kings[3].  The line between truth and fiction is therefore impossible to draw, as is the case with the early history of ruling dynasties in many other medieval European states.  More reliable information relating to Brittany is found in primary sources from the early 9th century.  From this time, an outline reconstruction of the families of the dukes of Brittany is possible, starting with Wihomarc whose rebellion against the Carolingian Franks was recorded by Einhard in 825[4]


The rulers of Brittany in the 9th and 10th centuries belonged to eight separate families, who intermarried but for whom no common ancestry can be traced from available primary sources.  It is assumed that each family enjoyed local control in different parts of the duchy, and that each in turn assumed central authority depending on which leader could best manipulate the political situation at the time.  The sources reveal local counts in Poher and Rennes from the late 9th century, but it has not been possible to link the other early ducal families to defined geographical areas based on the sources which have been consulted.  The dukes of Brittany from the early 9th century until 1213 all descended from Breton families.  It appears that, after the death of Duke Alain I in 907, power in Brittany was shared between the counts of Poher (Alain’s son-in-law), Vannes (Alain’s possible eldest son) and Cornouaïlle, and that none of these individuals was acknowledged as overall ruler.  It is likely that this situation persisted until the Viking invasion in 919 as no reference has been found to any overall Breton duke during that time in any of the primary sources consulted.  Between 919 and 937, the Vikings expelled the local Breton rulers and installed themselves as rulers of Brittany based at Nantes.  Brittany was liberated from Viking rule in 938 with help from Æthelstan King of England who enabled Alain II “Barbetorte”, from the family of the comtes de Poher, to establish himself as duke of Brittany. 


In 1213, the duchy was inherited by Pierre de Dreux, a younger son of Robert [II] Comte de Dreux [Capet], who had married Alix de Thouars, heiress of Brittany and daughter of Constance the last native ruler of Brittany.  Pierre’s descendants ruled Brittany until the death of duchess Anne in 1514. 


The early 9th century pagi in Brittany, named in the cartulary of Redon, are pagus Redonicus or Redoniæ (Rennes), pagus Namneticus (Nantes), pagus Venediæ, also called pagus Broweroc, (Vannes), and possibly also pagus Trans Silvam (Poutrecoët) and pagus Retensis (pays de Retz)[5].  Ecclesiastical jurisdiction was divided (from west to east) between the bishoprics of Saint-Pol, Quimper, Léon (separated in the 9th century into Tréguier, Dol and Saint-Brieuc), Vannes, Saint-Malo, Dol, Rennes and Nantes, all within the archbishopric of Tours[6].  The counties which later emerged in Brittany were not co-extensive either with the pagi or the bishoprics.  Apart from Poher and Rennes, other Breton counties only emerge in the primary sources from the early 11th century: Cornouaille, and Penthièvre.  The county of Nantes was a special case, ruled from the early 9th century by Frankish nominees who were appointed by the Carolingian king-emperors and tasked with protecting the “march” of Brittany.  The county of Nantes was granted to an illegitimate son of Alain II “Barbetorte” Duke of Brittany in the mid-10th century. 







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