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The dukes of Burgundy and the nobility within the duchy are grouped geographically in the following 10 documents. 



BURGUNDY DUCHY, DUKES.  Dukes of BURGUNDY [918]-956.  Early Burgundian Nobility.  Dukes of BURGUNDY [956]-1361 (Capet).  Dukes of BURGUNDY 1363-1477 (Valois). 

ATUYER: Comtes d'ATUYER.  Nobility in Atuyer: Seigneurs de DAMPIERRE-sur-SALON, Seigneurs de FOUVENT. 

AUTUN: Comtes d'AUTUN.  Nobility in Autun: Seigneurs de BOURBON-LANCY, Seigneurs de DIGOIN, Châtelains de GLENNE, Seigneurs de SEMUR. 

AUXERRE: Comtes d'AUXERRE, Seigneurs de ROCHEFORT, Vicomtes d'AUXERRE.  Nobility in Auxerre: Seigneurs de CHARNY et de CHÂTEL-CENSOIR, Seigneurs de MAILLY, Seigneurs de SAINT-BRIS (MELLO), Seigneurs de SEIGNELAY, Seigneurs de TOUCY, Seigneurs de VENISY. 

AUXOIS, DUESMOIS & AVALOIS: Comtes d'AUXOIS et de DUESMOIS.  Nobility in Auxois, Duesmois & Avalois: Seigneurs de FROLOIS, Seigneurs de MONTREAL, Seigneurs de MONT-SAINT-JEAN, Seigneurs de SOMBERNON, Seigneurs de THIL. 

BEAUNE & CHALON: Nobility in Beaune: Vicomtes de BEAUNE, Seigneurs d’ANTIGNY et de PAGNY [VIENNE], Seigneurs de POUILLY-sur-SAÔNE, Seigneurs de VERGY.  Chalon: Comtes de CHALON. 

DIJON: Comtes de DIJON, Vicomtes de DIJON.  Nobility in Dijon: Seigneurs de GRANCEY, Seigneurs de MIREBEL, Seigneurs de MONTAGU, Seigneurs de SALMAISE, Comtes (Seigneurs) de SAULX, Seigneurs de TILCHÂTEL. 

MÂCON & BEAUJEU: Comtes et Vicomtes de MÂCON.  Nobility in Mâcon: Seigneurs de BRANCION (GROSSUS).  Beaujeu: Seigneurs de BEAUJEU. 

NEVERS: Comtes de NEVERS.  Nobility in Nevers: Seigneurs de CHÂTILLON-en-BAZOIS, Seigneurs de DONZY, Seigneurs de la RIVIERE

TONNERRE: Comtes et Vicomtes de TONNERRE.  Nobility in Tonnerre: Seigneurs d’ANCY-le-FRANC, Seigneurs de LEZINNES, Seigneurs d’EPOISSES et de MONTBARD, Seigneurs de MALIGNY, Seigneurs de NOYERS, Seigneurs de SAVOISY, Seigneurs de TANLAY. 








The duchy of Burgundy covered the territory between the Saône and Loire rivers, south of Troyes and north of Lyon.  It included the episcopal dioceses of Autun, Chalon-sur-Saône, Langres, Mâcon (all within the archdiocese of Lyon), Auxerre and Nevers (within the archdiocese of Sens).  The dioceses of Sens and Troyes, previously considered part of Burgundy, were by the 12th century generally accepted as part of the county of Champagne[1].  All these territories lay within the kingdom of the West Franks, as established under the 843 Treaty of Verdun, and were separate from the adjacent county of Burgundy which was part of the kingdom of Lotharingia and subsequently subject to imperial jurisdiction.  The capital of the duchy of Burgundy was Dijon, the dukes also holding the title of counts of Autun. 


Apart from an isolated 9th century reference to a duke of Burgundy which has not been corroborated, the first recorded ruler of the territory which later evolved into the duchy of Burgundy was Richard, brother of King Boson [of Provence].  He established his capital at Autun and was installed as Comte d'Auxerre in 886.  Over the following years, the other Burgundian counties submitted to him, with the exception of Mâcon.  Although his authority over the area appears to have been unchallenged, we should probably not consider him as the founder of a unified "Duchy of Burgundy", but the suzerain of the various counties in question who happened to bear the title "duke".  Richard is referred to variously with the titles "comes", "marchio", and "dux" in primary sources.  The strategic importance of the area is confirmed by Richard's son Raoul being chosen to succeed as king of France in 923. 


After the death of Duke Giselbert in 956, the duchy of Burgundy passed to the Capet family, with whom it remained until the extinction in the male line of the senior ducal line in 1361.  Under Duke Robert I, installed as duke by his brother Henri I King of France in 1032, the duchy evolved into a powerful independent state separate from the kingdom of France.  It was not until the reigns of Louis VII and Philippe II Kings of France that the dukes started to swear allegiance on a regular basis to the French kings as their feudal lords. 


The early dukes of Burgundy became closely associated with the Benedictine abbey of Cluny, founded in 910 near Mâcon, as can be seen from the numerous donations involving members of the ducal family over the years.  In the mid-11th century, the monks of Cluny expanded their activities to include the Iberian peninsula: Alfonso VI King of Castile and Leon granted the Cluniac order its first monastic house in Castile at San Isidro de Dueñas 29 May 1073, and doubled the annual census payment to Cluny in 1077[2].  The Burgundian dukes followed in the wake of the monks to fight in the Spanish crusades against the Moors.  They arranged marriages with the Castilian royal family which had a long-term impact on the political development of the Iberian peninsula.  Constance, daughter of Duke Robert I, married King Alfonso VI and gave birth to Urraca Queen of Castile, who later married Raymond de Bourgogne-Comté and was ancestor of all later Castilian monarchs.  Henri, youngest brother of Dukes Hugues I and Eudes I, married the illegitimate daughter of King Alfonso VI and was installed as count of Portugal by his father-in-law, his descendants creating the kingdom of Portugal which they ruled until the early 20th century.  One of the younger sons of Duke Robert I, after fighting in the Iberian wars, sought his fortune in Sicily.  He was appointed regent for the infant count Roger, and married one of the count's sisters, but any dreams of Burgundian domination of Sicily ended abruptly when he was poisoned by his mother-in-law.  


After this promising entry into the arena of European politics in the late 11th century, the duchy of Burgundy appears to have stagnated during the 12th and 13th centuries.  Presumably this is attributable partly to the personalities of its rulers, although the sources so far consulted give little insight into the personal qualities of the dukes.  Territorial constraints must also have played a part.  Burgundian expansion to the east was blocked by the Holy Roman Empire, to the north-west by the Capetian French monarchs, and to the south-west by the duchy of Aquitaine which passed into English hands in the mid-12th century.  In addition, the Burgundian dukes seem not to have fully exploited the possibilities offered by dynastic marriages, in contrast to the dukes of Aquitaine who propelled themselves to centre stage after the 1043 marriage of the sister of Duke Guillaume VII to the future Emperor Heinrich III.  Most 12th and 13th century Burgundian marriage alliances were with the first tier of local Burgundian nobility, or with the families of adjacent counties or duchies such as Champagne and Lorraine.  The striking exception was the marriage of the sister of Duke Eudes II to Roger II King of Sicily, but this ended prematurely by the bride's death in childbirth.  One of the reasons for the limited horizon of the dukes' marriage policy may have been the necessity of maintaining internal control over the powerful local Burgundian nobility.  An example of an apparently obscure marriage is that of Duke Eudes III in 1199 to the daughter of the Seigneur de Vergy, which was presumably dictated by an urgent security need to acquire control over the fortress of Vergy (to the south of Dijon) which had been unsuccessfully besieged in the 1180s by the duke's father.  The Capetian kings of France also acquired territorial interests within the duchy of Burgundy when Alix, daughter of Géraud [II] Comte de Mâcon, sold the county of Mâcon to the French king after her husband died in 1239. 


The territory of the future duchy of Burgundy was divided into the following pagi which formed the basis of the later counties[3]:

·      diocesis of Autun: pagus Augustodunensis (Autunois, around Autun, west of the Allier river covering the Arroux river basin, north-west of Mâcon in the southern part of the duchy), pagus Belnensis (Beaunois, centred on Beaune, north-east of Autunois, north of Chalon), pagus Avalensis (Avalois, north of Autun, east of the Yonne, west of the Serein, straddling the Cure river), pagus Alsensis (Auxois, centred on Alise-Sainte-Reine, east of Avalois and west of Dijon), pagus Duismensis (Duesmois, around the upper reaches of the Seine, north-east of Auxois). 

·      diocesis of Chalon: pagus Cabilonensis (Chalonnais, around Chalon-sur-Saône and straddling the river Saône, north of Mâcon and east of Autun, bordering the southern part of the county of Burgundy). 

·      diocesis of Mâcon: pagus Matisconensis (Mâconnais, west of the river Saône around the town of Mâcon, the southernmost area of the duchy, south of Autun and Chalon). 

·      diocesis of Auxerre: pagus Autissiodorensis (Auxerrois, east of the Loire river after its confluence with the Allier and west of the Yonne, south of Sens), pagus Nivernensis (Nivernais, south of Auxerrois and north of Autunois, located around Nevers). 

·      diocesis of Langres: pagus Tornodorensis (Tonnerois, around Tonnerre and straddling the Armençon river, marking the northernmost part of the duchy, east of Auxerre), pagus Divionensis (Dijonnais, centred on Dijon, east of Duesmois and west of Atuyer, with the pagus Magnimontensis (Mémontois) to the west), pagus Atoariensis (Atuyer, west of the upper reaches of the river Saône around Fouvent, bordering the county of Burgundy to the east, with the pagus Oscarensis (Oscheret) to the south). 

A useful map of the pagi in 9th century Burgundy is available on the internet[4].  By 956, counties in the duchy of Burgundy included Auxerre, Autun, Avallon, Beaune, Chalon, Dijon, Langres, Nevers, Tonnerre, and probably also Mâcon and Oscheret[5].  Lothaire King of the West Franks confiscated the counties of Langres and Dijon in 967 and gave them to the Bishop of Langres[6].  The counties of Autun, Auxois and Dijon existed until the 11th century when they appear to have been absorbed into the duchy of Burgundy.  The first tier of comital nobility within the duchy of Burgundy acquired considerable local autonomy.  By way of example, the counts of Mâcon and Nevers contracted high profile marriages with many prominent families throughout France, as well as with the Burgundian ducal family. 


On the death of Duke Philippe I in 1361, the duchy of Burgundy was inherited by Jean II King of France, the nearest male heir.  In 1363, King Jean installed his son as Philippe II Duke of Burgundy, the first duke of the Valois family.  His reign witnessed a remarkable turnaround in the fortunes of the territory, accompanied by an expansion of the duke's political influence northwards which followed his marriage to the heiress of Flanders.  Reaping the benefits of a century of dynastic marriages, by the time he died Duke Philippe ruled Flanders, Artois, Nevers, and the county of Burgundy, and a few weeks after his death his widow inherited the duchies of Brabant and Limburg.  The counties of Hainaut, Holland, Frisia and Zeeland were added in 1433, and the duchy of Gelre in 1472.  By another dynastic twist, all the Burgundian territories in the Low Countries passed to the Habsburg family following the marriage of Marie, daughter and heiress of the last Valois duke, to Archduke Maximilian in 1477.  Burgundy itself was incorporated into the French crown. 







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