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The nobility in Central France is grouped geographically in the following 3 documents. 


BLOIS, TOURS: Comtes de BLOIS, Vicomtes de BLOIS.  Nobility in Blois: Seigneurs de LISLE.  Comtes de TOURS.  Nobility in Tours: Seigneurs d’AMBOISE, Seigneurs de BAUGENCY, Seigneurs de BUEIL, Seigneurs de CHAUMONT-sur-LOIRE, Seigneurs de MONTBAZON, Seigneurs de SAINTE-MAURE, TROUSSEAU.

BOURGES, GÂTINAIS, ORLEANS, SANCERRE: Comtes de BOURGES, Vicomtes de BOURGES.  Nobility in Bourges: Seigneurs de MEHUN, Seigneurs de MONFAUCON [en-Berry], Seigneurs de SAINT-PALAIS, Seigneurs de VIERZON.  Comtes de GÂTINAIS.  Nobility in Gâtinais: Seigneurs de BEAUMONT-en-GÂTINAIS, Seigneurs de CHÂTEAU-LANDON, Vicomtes de CHÂTEAU-LANDON, Vicomtes de FESSARD, Seigneurs de MILLY-en-GÂTINAIS, Seigneurs de NEMOURS, Seigneurs de VILLEBEON.  Vicomtes d'ORLEANS.  Nobility in Orléans: Seigneurs de CHÂTILLON-sur-LOING, Seigneurs de GIEN, Seigneurs de SAINT-GONDON, Seigneurs de SULLY.  Comtes de SANCERRE. 

CHARTRES, CHÂTEAUDUN: Comtes de CHARTRES, Vicomtes de CHARTRES (BRETEUIL, PUISET).            Nobility in Chartres: Seigneurs d’ALLUYES, Vidames de CHARTRES, Seigneurs de COURVILLE, Seigneurs de FRETEVAL, Seigneurs de GALLARDON, Seigneurs de LA FERTE-ARNAUD, Seigneurs de LEVES, Seigneurs de MONTMIRAIL (GOËT), Vicomtes de MOULINS.  Comtes de CHÂTEAUDUN, Vicomtes de CHÂTEAUDUN.  Nobility in Châteaudun: Seigneurs de FRETEVAL, Seigneurs de LA FERTE-BERNARD, Seigneurs de MONTIGNY. 






As in the case of the northern part of France, the central part of the country experienced little political unity throughout the medieval period.  The nobility shown here under "Central France" is therefore grouped together mainly for geographical convenience. 


The area lies to the south of Paris and is bordered to the west by the counties of Anjou and Maine, to the south by the county of Poitou and duchy of Aquitaine, and to the east by the county of Champagne and the duchy of Burgundy.  It represented a jurisdictional middle ground within these mainly stable counties and duchies which, from early Merovingian times, was sliced along different lines by the competing members of the dynasty.  After the death in 511 of King Clovis I, the area achieved political unity for the only time in its history as part of the larger territory which fell to his son King Chlodomer who established his capital at Orléans and controlled most of the lower Loire valley from the coast, including Tours, Chartres, Sens and Auxerre[1].  This unity was short-lived as, after Chlodomer was killed in 524, his brothers divided his territories between themselves.  The central area, covering Tours, Orléans and the future county of Blois, was amalgamated with the northern territories ruled by King Childebert from Paris, while the eastern part was linked to Burgundy under King Theoderich.  At the 561 partition after the death of King Clotaire, the border changed, the western part of the area, which mainly consisted of Blois, remained with the kingdom of Paris under King Charibert while Orléans was joined to the Burgundian kingdom ruled by King Gontran[2].  These divisions were perpetuated with the establishment of the definitive boundaries of the kingdoms of Austrasia and Neustria, with the additional change by which the area to the south of Orléans was incorporated into Neustria.  With the Carolingian partition under the treaty of Verdun in 843 the whole area was firmly within the kingdom of the West Franks. 


These partitions echo the experience of the northern part of France, and also that of the area covered by the future county of Champagne.  It is suggested that this early failure to establish political cohesion had a profound effect on the later development of all these areas, contrasting with the relative stability and sense of regional unity which was achieved by other parts of France during the middle medieval period.  Another factor which applied particularly in the case of central France was the division of ecclesiastical jurisdiction, which inevitably had political repercussions.  Ecclesiastical power was split three ways in the area: Tours fell within the archbishopric of the same name, the bishoprics of Blois and Orléans were within the province of Sens, while the archbishopric of Bourges retained control over the territory around that town.   


The counties covered in this part of central France were Chartres and Châteaudun in the north-west and, in the southern part from west to east, Blois, Bourges, Tours, Orléans, Gâtinais, and Sancerre.  The history of each county developed in markedly different ways, as discussed in more detail in the introductions to each chapter of the present group of documents.  The county of Blois remained in the same family from the early 10th to the early 13th centuries.  The family expanded its territories to include the counties of Tours, Chartres and Châteaudun in the mid-10th century.  It acquired Sancerre in the early 11th century, although this county was split off in 1152 to provide an appanage for a junior branch of the family.  The acquisition by the counts of Blois of the county of Troyes, some time in the 1020s, represented the start of a shift in their centre of activities towards the area of Champagne.  In 1231, the county of Blois was inherited by the Seigneurs de Châtillon-sur-Marne, who were already also counts of Saint-Pol in northern France.  The history of the county of Bourges has not been traced after the mid-9th century, but it is supposed that it was incorporated into the domaine royale at an early stage.  The geographically extensive county of Orléans, at the heart of the area, was incorporated into the domaine royale of the Capetian kings with the accession of Hugues "Capet" in 987[3].  The counts of Gâtinais inherited the county of Anjou in 1067, an unforeseen result of a dynastic marriage in [1035].  However, Gâtinais was transferred to the domaine royale shortly afterwards, as a result of the war between the brothers Geoffroy III "le Barbu" Comte d'Anjou and Foulques IV "le Rechin"[4]


Other important families set out in this group of documents include the Seigneurs de Sully, whose lordship passed by marriage in the early 12th century to a collateral line of the counts of Blois, the Seigneurs d’Amboise whose territory lay within the county of Tours, the Seigneurs de Fréteval within the county of Chartres, the Seigneurs de Baugency within the county of Orléans, the Seigneurs de Château-Landon and the Vicomtes de Fessard whose territories were originally fiefdoms of the county of Gâtinais, and the Seigneurs de Vierzon whose territory lay within the former county of Bourges. 







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