The nobility in Northern France is grouped geographically in the following six documents. 




Amiens: Comtes d’AMIENS.  Nobility in Amiens: Seigneurs de BOVES, Châtelains d’AMIENS, Vidames d’AMIENS (PICQUIGNY), Seigneurs d’AILLY, Seigneurs de CROY, Seigneurs d’ENCRE, Seigneurs de HANGEST, Seigneurs de RAINEVAL. 

Montreuil: Comtes de MONTREUIL. 

Ponthieu: Comtes de PONTHIEU.  Nobility in Ponthieu: Seigneurs de CAYEUX, Vicomtes de DOULLENS. 


Artois: Comtes d'ARTOIS.  Nobility in Artois: Seigneurs de CONCHES, Seigneurs de CARENCY, Seigneurs de CREQUY, Seigneurs de HENIN, Seigneurs de LILLERS. 

Boulogne: Comtes de BOULOGNE.  Nobility in Boulogne: Seigneurs de FIENNES, Avoués de SAINT-BERTIN, Châtelains de SAINT-OMER, Seigneurs de FAUQUEMBERGUES. 

Guines: Comtes de GUINES, Vicomtes de GUINES.  Nobility in Guines: Seigneurs d’ARDRES, Vicomtes de MARCHIENNES, Seigneurs de BAVELINGHEM, Châtelains de BOURBOURG. 

Hesdin: Comtes de HESDIN. 

Lens: Comtes de LENS. 

Saint-Pol: Comtes de SAINT-POL. 


Châtelains de CASSEL, BAILLEUL, Seigneurs de HARNES, Seigneurs de STEENVOORDE. 

Seigneurs de BETHUNE.  Seigneurs de HOUDAIN. 

Châtelains de LILLE, Seigneurs de COMINES, Seigneurs d’HALLUIN [HALEWIJN], Seigneurs de WAVRIN, Seigneurs de SAINT-VENANT (WAVRIN), Seigneurs de SAINT-VENANT (NESLE), Seigneurs de HEUDINCOURT et de WAZIERS (WAVRIN), Seigneurs de GOISAUCOURT (WAVRIN)


Cambrai: Comtes de CAMBRAI, Châtelains de CAMBRAI (OISY), Seigneurs de BEAUVOIS, Seigneurs de SAINT-AUBERT, Seigneurs de WALINCOURT. 

Douai: Comtes de DOUAI, Châtelains de DOUAI, Seigneurs de LALAING, Seigneurs de MONTIGNY. 

Ostrevent, Valenciennes: Comtes d'OSTREVENT.  Comtes de la Marche de VALENCIENNES, Châtelains de VALENCIENNES, Seigneurs de RIBEMONT, Seigneurs de BOUCHAIN, Seigneurs de PROUVY. 


Laon: Comtes de LAON, Vidames de LAON. 

Coucy: Seigneurs de COUCY, Seigneurs de CRECY-sur-SERRE, Seigneurs de MARLE, Seigneurs de PINON, Seigneurs de VERVINS.  Roucy: Comtes de ROUCY.  Nobility in Roucy: Seigneurs de PIERREPONT. 

Soissons: Comtes de SOISSONS.  Nobility in Soissons: Seigneurs de BAUDEMENT, Seigneurs de FALVY (NESLE). 


Valois & Vexin: Comtes de VALOIS et du VEXIN, Vicomtes du VEXIN.  Nobility in Vexin: Seigneurs de CHAUMONT-en-VEXIN, Vicomtes de CHAUMONT [en-Vexin], Seigneurs de CHAUMONT-GUITRY. 

Vermandois: COMTES de VERMANDOIS.  Nobility in Vermandois: Châtelains de BAPAUME, Seigneurs de BEAUMETZ, Seigneurs de GUISE, Seigneurs de HAM, LE FLAMENC, Seigneurs de LONGUEVAL, Seigneurs de NESLE, Comtes de NESLE, Châtelains de NOYON, Seigneurs de THOUROTTE, Seigneurs de PERONNE, Seigneurs de ROYE, Châtelains de ROYE, Seigneurs de TRIE. 







The nobility grouped here under "Northern France" is linked for geographical convenience.  The area never developed as a single political entity at any time during the medieval period, for the reasons suggested below. 


The territory corresponds approximately to the present-day French départements of Pas-de-Calais, Somme, Nord and Aisne.  In the middle medieval period, the area was bordered to the south-west by the duchy of Normandy, to the south by the domaine royale of the Capetian kings of France, to the south-east by the county of Champagne, and to the east by the counties of Flanders and Hainaut.  Ecclesiastically, it fell within the province of Reims, and was divided into the bishoprics of Amiens, Arras, Cambrai (an archbishopric from the 16th century, when it was subdivided into the bishoprics of Antwerp and Mechelen), Laon, Noyon, Thérouanne (later divided into the bishoprics of Boulogne, Ypres and St Omer) and Tournai (from which Bruges and Gent were established as separate bishoprics in the 16th century)[1]


The area was dominated in the north by the counts of Flanders and in the south by the counts of Vermandois.  The balanced rivalry between these two counties appears to have been the major factor which prevented the emergence of a single political force in northern France during the early 10th century.  The county of Flanders was formed around Bruges in 863, when Charles II "le Chauve" King of the West Franks granted the pagus flandrensis to Baudouin, who had earlier abducted the king's daughter.  The grant was subsequently expanded to include Ternois, the land of Waas and the lay abbacy of St Pieter of Gent[2].  Baudouin II Count of Flanders expanded the family's territory into Courtrai, Boulogne and Ternois.  The county of Vermandois was formed by Héribert, a descendant of the early Carolingian kings of Italy whose direct ancestors had established themselves as counts in the area north of Paris.  Héribert acquired Vermandois and Saint-Quentin in 896, followed by Soissons in 898[3].    His son Héribert [II] acquired control over the archbishopric of Reims by engineering the appointment of his infant son as archbishop in 925.  He also acquired Amiens, the Vexin and Artois, although these territories were disputed by Arnoul I Count of Flanders.  The rivalry between the counts of Vermandois and the counts of Flanders was triggered in 896 by the murder of Count Baudouin II’s brother by the forces of Héribert [I] and persisted throughout the first half of the 10th century.  The two power-bases appear to have been evenly balanced, the result being that neither was able to dominate the whole of northern France.  A second factor which must have rendered domination by either side more difficult was the location of the territory of the bishopric of Cambrai, north of Vermandois and south of Flanders, which had been allocated to Lotharingia under the 843 treaty of Verdun, while the rest of northern France fell within the kingdom of the West Franks.  Cambrai represented a political barrier to either Flanders or Vermandois extending control into the eastern part of the other's territory. 


Both the Flanders and Vermandois families lost political power during the mid-10th century.  After the death of Héribert [II] in 943, his territories were partitioned between his three sons, none of whom appears to have inherited their father's energy.  In the following century, most of the county of Vermandois passed by inheritance into the domaine royale of the Capetian kings.  In Flanders, count Arnoul was succeeded in 965 by his infant grandson, under the guardianship of the French king Lothaire who was able to take control of Artois and Ostrevant, thereby establishing a permanent barrier to any further southward expansion by Flanders. 


The county of Boulogne on the North Sea coast developed under the control of the counts of Flanders.  The history of the county before its capture by Flanders has not been traced.  The first Flemish count of Boulogne was Adalolf, who succeeded his father Baudouin II Count of Flanders in Boulogne in 918.  Adalolf and his immediate successors acquired control over Thérouanne, Fauquemberghes and Saint-Omer in the northern part of Ternois, but these territories were seized by Baudouin IV Count of Flanders in the early 1000s.   The county of Boulogne was held by the same family until the 1120s, when it passed by marriage to a branch of the counts of Blois.  A younger brother of Eustache II Comte de Boulogne briefly held the county of Lens in the mid-11th century, before it was incorporated into Flanders. 


During the late 9th and 10th centuries counties are recorded at Cambrai (see LOWER LOTHARINGIAN NOBILITY) and Laon, to the north and east of Vermandois.  The details of the history of the county of Laon are obscure.  Roger II Count of Laon was dispossessed in 931. 


The area around Ponthieu, extending approximately from the river Canche in the north to the Somme in the south, was conquered by Arnoul I Count of Flanders in [940].  It developed into a separate county in the early 11th century, based around territory which was granted by Hugues "Capet" King of France to Hugues, avocat de Saint-Riquier, who had married the king's daughter in the 980s.  The county was inherited by the Norman family of Bellême/Montgommery in the late 11th century, and by the family of the counts of Dammartin in the early 1220s.  A disputed inheritance resulted in the county passing into English control in 1281. 


The county of Guines was founded in 928 by the Viking Siegfried in the northern coastal part of the county of Boulogne, his descendants in the male line continuing to rule the county until 1137 according to the 12th century Historia Comitum Ghisnensium, although there are doubts concerning the accuracy of this source as discussed further below.  Thereafter, the county passed by marriage to the family of the châtelain (burchgraeve in Flemish) of Gand/Gent who remained in control until the late 13th century. 


In the southern part of Ternois, the county of Saint-Pol was formed in the early 11th century as a fiefdom of the county of Boulogne.  The county remained in the same family until the late 12th century when it passed by marriage to the Seigneurs de Châtillon-sur-Marne, a noble family from Champagne. 


Families of the lesser nobility also included in this document include the Châtelains de Bourbourg (from the early 12th century), the Châtelains de Douai (from the mid-11th century, who also acquired the châtellenie of Cambrai by marriage), the Seigneurs de Guise, and the Seigneurs de Chaumont-en-Vexin (descendants of the counts of Vermandois). 


The counts of Flanders are shown in the document FLANDERS COUNTS and the Flemish nobility in FLANDERS NOBILITY. 







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