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A prosopography of medieval European
noble and royal families


by Charles Cawley

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Version 1 of Medieval Lands was released from April 2006 onwards, and was superseded by Version 2 from November 2010-13.  This included the diagonal "Medieval Lands" watermark displayed on the screen.  In 2014 Version 3 included a review of every file in the dataset, with subsequent ongoing updates listed as v3.1 etc.

From April 2017 we began restructuring to reduce some excessively large file sizes, and these documents are designated version 4. Some v3 files remain although hyperlinks are being updated where necessary.

With such an interlinked dataset, problems with hyperlinkages do occur from time to time. Please let us know of any broken links.

Version 4.xx most recent updates

Version 4.xx updates June to Dec 2018

Version 4.xx updates Nov 2017 to May 2018

Version 4.xx updates Apr to Oct 2017

V3.xx updates from Aug 2016 to Apr 2017

V3.xx updates from Apr to Jul 2016

V3.xx updates from Jan to Mar 2016

V3.xx updates from May to Dec 2015

V3.xx updates from Aug 2014 to Apr 2015

Full list of files at v3.0, 2014



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