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  Detail from the 13th century reliquary of St Gertrude at Nivelles Abbey, Belgium.
  The original was destroyed by a bomb in 1940. Remnants are on display at Nivelles.
  After the war a gold and silver replica was commissioned from goldsmith William Ibens
  and presented to the abbey.

  The two figures are St John (L) and St Agatha(R) with the sword.
  See the article "From Theophanu to St Margaret" in this journal.

   Photograph © copyright IRPA-KIK, Brussels

Cover-Gisborough Priory



The east end of Gisborough Priory, Yorkshire

Founded in 1119 by Robert de Brus, the original Romanesque building was destroyed by fire in the late 13th century. The present ruins date from the 14th century.

See the article "Keeping it in the family" by Rosie Bevan, in this issue.





   Coronation of an English king
   (temp Edward II)


   [an illustration from The Ancestor, vol.1 (1902) 150.
from MS M20 Corpus Christi College, Cambridge]






BannockburnBattle from Holkham Bible





  Battle of Bannockburn, 1314, from the Holkham Bible

  (public domain image from Wikipedia).









William Dugdale, the 17th-century English antiquary and herald compiled a number of works of continuing value for the medieval genealogist, including Monasticon Anglicanum, Antiquities of Warwickshire, Baronage of England, and various Herald’s Visitations
















Lothar III, Holy Roman Emperor


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