Foundations 2(5)

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  • A Reappraisal of the Medieval Ancestry of the Cranmers of Aslacton  (Matthew Hovious)
  • Village Cromwells: The Parles Family, 1166-1452  (Michael Andrews-Reading)
  • The Two Wives of Robert Whitney, Esq., Lord of Whitney:  A note on the proof of royal descent of John Bevan  (Adrian Benjamin Burke)
  • A Cumberland Family with Roots in Medieval Scotland and Northern England:  A Study of Gilbert Fitz Richer and his Descendants   (Jane Brankstone Thomas, J C B Sharp & Michael Anne Guido)
  • Letter to the Editor:
    • Illegitimate royal daughters (Keith Moore)
  • Research Query:
    • Antecedents of Queen Helena ‘the Byzantine’, consort of Inge I of Sweden   (M Sjöström)
  • Genealogical Flights of Fancy. Old Assumptions, New Sources (M. L. Bierbrier)

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