maine, vendÔme







The counts of Maine and Vendôme, and the nobility in both counties, are grouped geographically in the following documents. 


MAINE COMTESComtes du MAINE.  Vicomtes du MAINE et de BEAUMONT-sur-SARTHE.  Vicomtes de BEAUMONT (BRIENNE). 

MAINE: NOBILITY: Nobility in the county of Maine: Seigneurs de BRAITEL, Seigneurs de CHAOURCES, Seigneurs de CHÂTEAU-du-LOIR, Seigneurs de la GUIERCHE, Seigneurs de LAVAL, Seigneurs de MAYENNE, Seigneurs de MONDOUBLEAU, Seigneurs de MONTOIRE, Seigneurs des MONTS, Seigneurs de PREUILLY, Seigneurs des VAUX. 


Nobility in the county of Vendôme: Family of FOUCHER “le Riche”, Family of LETHER [de Vendôme], Family of INGELBAUD BRITO, Seigneurs de LAVARDIN-sur-Loir, Seigneurs de LISLE [en-Vendômois], Seigneurs de la TOUR. 







The county of Maine lay south of the duchy of Normandy and north of the county of Anjou.  It derived from the pagus Cenomanensis, which coincided geographically with the territory of the bishopric of Le Mans.  Onomastics suggest that the early counts in Maine descended from Rothgar, recorded as count in the mid-8th century, although the information which has survived in primary sources is insufficient to trace the precise relationship.  Charles II "le Chauve" King of the West Franks confiscated the county from Rorico [II], son of count Rorico [I], in 862 and entrusted it to Robert "le Fort", ancestor of the later Capetian kings of France.  Roger, whose relationship to the earlier counts of Maine has not been established, ruled Maine in 897, and was probably established there by Charles III "le Simple" King of the West Franks who was his wife's nephew.  Roger’s descendants succeeded to the county over the following 150 yearss but failed to achieve the success enjoyed by the neighbouring county of Anjou and the duchy of Normandy.  This failure can be attributed to the accession of a series of under-age counts who did not live long enough to fulfil their potential, several long-lived bishops of Le Mans who imposed themselves in the county at the expense of the counts, interference by Anjou, Normandy and Blois in the county’s internal affairs, and the eventual failure of the comital family to produce a male heir. 


Roger's descendants in the male line failed in 1062.  The county of Maine was overrun by Guillaume II Duke of Normandy (who later succeeded as William I King of England).  The people of Maine successfully rebelled against Norman rule in 1070, installing as count a member of the powerful Este family of northern Italy who was first cousin in the female line of the last count of Roger’s family.  Unfortunately, the new count took little interest in his inheritance and, according to Orderic Vitalis, sold the county in [1093] to his cousin Hélie de la Flèche for 10,000 shilllings[1].  Hélie was also unable to produce a male heir and in 1110 married his only daughter to Foulques V Comte d'Anjou, resulting in the permanent integration of the county of Maine into the county of Anjou.  Maine formed part of the French territories which were inherited by the future Henry II King of England in 1152, although the English lost control over both Anjou and Maine in the early 13th century when both counties were integrated into the domaine royale of the Capetian kings. 


The most interesting genealogical problem associated with the families of the early counts of Maine is the shadowy figure of David (a name untypical of the period), allegedly Comte du Maine in the mid-10th century.  He is named in a series of probably spurious documents as the father of Comte Hugues [II].  However, he does not figure in his own right in contemporary charters and his historical existence has been generally doubted.  Nevertheless, an analysis of the problem highlights the probability of a missing generation in the generally accepted genealogy of the 10th century counts of Maine, which could be filled either by this alleged David or by an additional count named Hugues. 


The county of Vendôme lay east of the county of Maine.  It is recorded in primary sources as a separate county from the late 9th century, but like the county of Maine passed by marriage to the counts of Anjou in the first half of the 11th century.  After a period of direct rule by Geoffroy II "Martel" Comte d’Anjou, the county of Vendôme re-established its autonomy after he died in 1060 when it was held by a junior branch of the family of the comtes de Nevers.  This family became extinct in the male line in 1085, when the county was inherited by the seigneurs de Preuilly and, in the early 13th century, by the seigneurs de Montoire.  In the late 14th century, the county passed to a younger branch of the Bourbon-Capet family. 







Full citation references to the sources cited in the Maine, Vendôme set of documents, in which only abbreviated references are given. 





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