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The presentation of nobility in the territory around Paris is grouped geographically in the following documents:   



Comtes de BEAUMONT-sur-OISE, Seigneur de CHAMBLY, Seigneurs de CONFLANS, Châtelains de GISORS, Seigneurs de L'ISLE-ADAM, Seigneurs de MONTFORT-L'AMAURY, Seigneurs de MONTMORENCY. 

Comtes de BEAUVAIS, Châtelains de BEAUVAIS, Seigneurs de BRETEUIL, Seigneurs de BULLES, Seigneurs de CLICHY et d’ONS-en-BRAY, Seigneurs d’ONS-en-BRAY (CHARTRES), Seigneurs de DARGIES, Vidames de GERBEROY, Seigneurs de MELLO, SEIGNEURS de MILLY. 



Comtes de DAMMARTIN, Seigneurs d’AULNAY, Vicomtes de CRECY, Vicomtes de DAMMARTIN, Vicomtes de LA FERTE-ANCOUL, Vicomtes de MEAUX (MONTMIRAIL), Seigneurs de MONCY, Seigneurs de NANTEUIL-le-HAUDOUIN, Seigneurs de la ROCHE-GUYON, Seigneurs de SAINT-SIMON, Seigneurs de SAINT-SIMON (ROUVROY).


Comtes de CORBEIL, Vicomtes de CORBEIL, Seigneurs de BRUYERES-le-CHÂTEL, Seigneurs de La CHAPELLE-GAUTHIER, DONJON (CORBEIL), Vicomtes d’ETAMPES, Vicomtes de MELUN, Vicomtes de MELUN (CHAILLY), Seigneurs de MEREVILLE. 

Comtes de ROCHEFORT, Comtes de ROCHEFORT (BARRES), Seigneurs de CHÂTEAUFORT, Seigneurs de CHEVREUSE, Seigneurs de GOMETZ-LA-FERTE, Seigneurs de LEVIS, Seigneurs de MARLY, Seigneurs de MONTAGU de MARCOUSSIS, Seigneurs de MONTLHERY, Seigneurs de NEAUFLE-le-CHÂTEAU. 


Comtes de DREUX, Seigneurs de BÛ, Seigneurs de BOSSART, Seigneurs de CHÂTEAUNEUF[-en-Thimerais], Seigneurs d’EPERNON,  Seigneurs de MAINTENON, Seigneurs de TILLIERES. 

Comtes de MANTES, Le RICHE, Vicomtes de MANTES, Seigneur de MAULE (Le RICHE), MAUVOISIN, Seigneurs de PONTOISE, Seigneurs de POISSY, Châtelains de POIX, Châtelains de PONTOISE (TIRELL). 







This document sets out the noble families based in the Parisian region, which for present purposes includes the territory to the north of the French capital as far as Beauvais, to the west as far as Dreux on the borders of the duchy of Normandy, and to the south north of the counties of Gâtinais and Blois, whose counts are shown in CENTRAL FRANCE.  The county of Champagne lies to the east.  It is recognised that the demarcation between the three groups of documents NORTHERN FRANCE, CENTRAL FRANCE and PARIS REGION is imprecise.  None of the three areas attained much internal political cohesion before their gradual incorporation into the domaine royal of the Capetian kings.  The decision about which families to show in which documents is necessarily arbitrary, although the concept of treating the history of the three areas separately appears sensible as they developed in different ways. 


Paris was the capital of the kingdom of the Merovingian King Childebert, son of King Clovis I whose territories were divided between his sons after he died in 511.  The kingdom of Paris persisted as a political entity after the division which followed the death of King Clotaire in 561, and eventually formed part of the kingdom of Neustria whose boundaries were settled in the 630s during the reign of King Dagobert I[1]The county of Paris emerged from the pagus Parisiacus, corresponding roughly with that part of the bishopric of Paris which lay north of the river Seine.  The earliest identified count of Paris is Gérard whose death is recorded in 779 and whose descendants held the county until the early 9th century.  His family, and the families of other 9th century counts of Paris, are set out in CAROLINGIAN NOBILITY.  The county of Paris was held in the late 9th century by Robert, brother of Eudes King of France, who succeeded briefly to the French throne as King Robert I in 922 (see FRANCE CAPETIAN KINGS).  Rodulfus Glauber refers to Robert's son, Hugues Duc des Francs, as "Hugoni, Parisiensis ducis", when recording the succession of his son Hugues "Capet" as king of France in 987[2], although it is unclear whether the Parisian title was one which was widely used within the family at the time.  It appears that Poissy and Pontoise were the only territories adjacent to Paris which formed part of the domaine royal  of the Capetian kings at the accession of King Hugues.  According to Sinclair, the county of Paris was held in the early 11th century by Renaud de Vendôme Bishop of Paris, its immediate fate after his death in 1016 not being known[3].  It is assumed that the county became part of the domaine royal  soon afterwards, but the precise process by which this occurred has not been ascertained. 


During Merovingian times, the area south of the Seine constituted the pagus Castrensis, centred on the town of Châtres (now Arpajon)[4].  East of Paris lay the pagus Meldensis (also referred to in contemporary documentation as pagus Meldicus, pagus Melcianus, and pagus Melciacus), which probably coincided with the territory of the ecclesiastical diocese of Meaux.   North of Paris was the bishopric of Beauvais, also in the ecclesiastical province of Reims, which included the pagus Bellovacensis or Beauvaisis, the pagus Vindoilensis centred on the town of Vendeuil, and the pagus Camliacensis whose name derived from the village of Chambly[5]


The counties which later developed in the area around Paris did not, for the most part, coincide with the boundaries of the earlier pagi.  North of Paris, the county of Beaumont-sur-Oise emerged in the former pagus Camliacensis, while the counties of Beauvais and Clermont-en-Beauvaisis lay within the pagus Bellovacensis.  The county of Dammartin developed in the pagus Meldensis.  The county of Mantes emerged west of Paris, and the counties of Dreux and Rochefort to the south-west.  South-east of Paris lay the county of Corbeil, which passed by marriage to a younger branch of the family of the dukes of Normandy. 


The various vicomtés and seigneuries have been grouped geographically with the corresponding counties in the present series of documents.  It is recognised that this represents an over-simplification of the political reality, as the nobles held their different fiefs from numerous religious and lay suzerains, including in particular in the Parisian region the abbot of Saint-Denis, the bishop of Paris, and the king himself. 







Full citation references to the sources cited in the Paris Region set of documents, in which only abbreviated references are given. 





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