The rulers and nobility in Provence are grouped geographically in the following four documents. 


PROVENCE, KINGS, COMTES:   Comte d'ARLES [before 855]-931.  Kings of PROVENCE 855-928.  Comtes de PROVENCE 961-1246. 


Aix: Seigneurs d'AIX, Seigneurs de MONTMAUR, Seigneurs de MEYRARGUES et de PUYRICARD (BAUX), Seigneurs de PONTEVES, Seigneurs de TRETS. 

Avignon: Vicomtes d’AVIGNON, Vicomtes de MEZOARGUES, SABRAN, Vicomtes de SISTERON.  Cavaillon: Vicomtes de CAVAILLON. 

Marseille: Vicomtes de MARSEILLE, Seigneurs de BAUX, Vicomtes de BAUX, Seigneurs de BERRE (BAUX), Seigneurs de FOS, Seigneurs de MARIGNANE (BAUX).


Antibes: Seigneurs d’ANTIBES, Seigneurs d’ANTIBES et de CAGNES, co-Seigneurs de MENTON (GRIMALDI), Seigneur de GRASSE. 

Vicomtes de FREJUS. 

Nice: Seigneurs de MONACO (Grimaldi), GRIMALDI family in Nice, Seigneurs de ROQUEBRUNE. 

Vence: VENCE, Seigneurs de BEUIL (GRIMALDI). 

Ventimiglia:  Conti di VENTIMIGLIA, VENTIMIGLIA families in Provence and Sicily, Comtes de TENDE, Seigneurs de LA BRIGUE. 


Apt: Comtes d’APT, Seigneurs d’APT, Seigneurs d’AGOULT, Seigneurs de BEAURIERES, Seigneurs d’ENTREVENNES, Seigneurs de MISON, Seigneurs de SAULT. 

Comtes de DIE [DIOIS].  Comtes de FORCALQUIER.  Vicomtes de GAP. 

Comtes d'ORANGE.  Seigneurs de COURTHEZON (BAUX), Seigneurs de SERIGNAN et de CAMERET (BAUX). 

Valence: Comtes de VALENCE, Seigneurs de CHÂTEAUNEUF-d’ISERE, Seigneurs de MIRABEL, ADEMAR/ADHEMAR Family, Seigneurs de MONTEIL, Seigneurs de MONTEIL et de GARDE, Seigneurs de MONTELIMAR.  

Valentinois: Comtes de VALENTINOIS, Seigneurs de FAY, Seigneurs de MEVOUILLON, Seigneurs de MONTAUBAN [sur-l’Ouvèze]. 







Originally part of the Roman Empire, Provence was invaded from the east by the Visigoths as the empire's administrative grip on its territories weakened in the mid-5th century.  Euric King of the Visigoths controlled Arles and Marseille before conquering the rest of Provence.  Under the agreement reached with Odovacar King of the Ostrogoths in Italy, the latter recognised Visigothic control over Provence.  From the north, Gundaker King of the Burgunds occupied Dauphiné, Savoie and also parts of Provence, eventually controlling the comté Venaissin, and the towns of Avignon, Apt, Pertuis, Manosque and Sisteron.  After the death in 507 of Alaric II King of the Visigoths, Provence became part of the territory controlled by Theodoric King of the Ostrogoths.  One of his successors, Vitigis King of Italy, ceded the Ostrogoth-controlled part of Provence to the Franks in [538].  The Burgundian kingdom was conquered by the Merovingian Franks between 523 and 534, together with that part of Provence which was under Burgundian control. 


From an ecclesiastical point of view, jurisdiction over Provence was divided between the archbishoprics of Arles (comprising the bishoprics of Avignon, Cavaillon, Carpentras, Die, Marseille, Orange, Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux, Toulon and Vaison), Aix (the bishoprics of Antibes, Apt, Fréjus, Gap, Riez and Antibes), and Embrun (the bishoprics of Digne, Glandèves, Nice, Senez and Vence). 


Under the Merovingian Franks, Provence remained part of the kingdom of Burgundy.  In the late 7th and early 8th centuries, it was governed by officials who bore the title patricius, appointed by the Merovingians but who adopted royal prerogatives, including the minting of coins in their image, and effectively reduced the Frankish domination to the status of a protectorate[1].  Charles "Martel" subjugated Provence in 733/37 and from 754, when the Pope granted the title patricius of the Romans to Pepin King of the Franks, Provence was governed by the Frankish kings with the title patricius, represented by a local count[2].  After the division of Carolingian territories under the Treaty of Verdun in 843, Provence formed part of the kingdom of Lotharingia.  Folcrade, count in Provence, rebelled against Emperor Lothaire who appointed Gérard Comte [de Vienne] as governor.  After the death of Emperor Lothaire, his son Charles was installed as king of Provence.  Comte Gérard prevented Charles II "le Chauve" King of the West Franks from taking Provence when the young king Charles died, and his territory was divided between the deceased's brothers Louis (who received Savoie, Dauphiné, and Provence) and Lothaire (who ruled over Lyonnais and Franche-Comté).  After the death of Louis, King Charles "le Chauve" captured Provence and installed Boson as governor or duke.  Boson married the daughter of his potential rival Emperor Louis and, after the death of King Charles II, assumed complete control of Provence and adopted the title king.  After the death of King Boson in 887, Provence reverted to direct rule by the emperor until the election of King Louis in 890. 


The marquisate of Provence was geographically distinct, consisting of the territory to the north of the county.  In early times it had been part of the kingdom of Burgundy, but was controlled by Boson after he was crowned king in 879.  Its main vassals were the counts of Valence, Die [Diois] and later Valentinois, whose families are shown in this document.  The marquisate of Provence was held by the counts of Provence in the 10th and 11th centuries.  In the late 11th century, it passed separately to the family of the counts of Toulouse, confirmed by Emperor Friedrich II in favour of Raymond VII Comte de Toulouse by charter dated Dec 1235[3], and to the French crown on the extinction in the male line of the comital family of Toulouse in 1249. 


Provence, as part of the ancient kingdom of Burgundy, passed into German jurisdiction when the last king of Burgundy, Rudolf III, bequeathed his territories to Konrad II King of Germany in 1032.  A crucial change occurred in 1081 when Bernard II Comte et Marquis de Provence renounced allegiance to the empire and swore fealty to the papacy[4].  This symbolically cut the remaining ties with the old kingdom of Burgundy and eventually enabled the transfer of the whole of Provence to the French crown without challenge from Germany. 


Other counties in Provence, both in the county and the marquisate, are also shown in this group of documents.  In addition, the counties of Digne, Embrun, Glandevez, Riez and Senez lay within the territory of the county of Provence but no specific nobles families have yet been identified who ruled in these counties.  Among these, the county of Glandevez lay north of the counties of Fréjus, Antibes and Vence[5], and the county of Riez north of the counties of Fréjus and Aix, west of Sénez, and south of the counties of Digne and Sisteron[6]







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