FMG has established a specialised collection of books, journals and offprints relating to medieval genealogy, heraldry, and prosopography.French icon

Some key reference sources are held in our offices, as are most of the journal sets and offprint collections. The book collection is housed in Oxford (see below).

Our main database has catalogue entries for all of the books, together with individual entries for relevant journal articles, conference papers, and chapters from some multi-author works. The database is being expanded continually, but already has over 4000 entries

Page copies from library items

We can supply printed copies, for personal study only, of articles in journals or limited extracts from some other sources. Copyright restrictions do not permit us to supply electronic copies at present. Click here for further details. This facility is only available to Registered Users and Members of the FMG, and is subject to accessibility of the source and receipt of payment. Contact us before paying..

This arrangement does not apply to books in our Oxford collection. Members attending CMRS in person may avail themselves of the local copying facilities.

The FMG Library in Oxford

The bulk of our book collection is kept, by kind permission, at the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (CMRS) in Oxford. This collection is open for study access by FMG members, by prior arrangement only. Please contact us for further details if you wish to visit CMRS.

If you plan to visit our Oxford library, we suggest you consult the Oxford online catalogue, which is a subset of the main database, to see if the item you want is located there.

Otherwise please use the full catalogue for general searches.

Online Library Catalogue and Reference Database

Our aim is to provide a comprehensive bibliographic dataset of secondary source material for medieval genealogy and related studies. The catalogue includes books and journal articles that are held in the library collection of the FMG, or in some cases are available online.

We welcome comments, suggestions and corrections.

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