Katherine Roet's Swynfords: a re-examination of interfamily relationships and descent

Author: Perry, Judy

Year published: 2003

Description / Notes:


A two part article dealing with Katherine (Roet) Swynford’s association with the family of the poet Geoffrey Chaucer. This article investigates some of the claims that have been made by examining the heraldry, lives, and offspring of the Roet, Swynford and Chaucer families. Part 2 continues the study of Katherine (Roet) Swynford’s association with the family of Geoffrey Chaucer, focusing on Thomas Swynford (1366-1432), together with other Swynfords, and their links to the Roet family.


Series/Journal/Book Title: Foundations
Language: English

Edition / Issue No.: 2/3

Accession No./FMG ID S- : 1395
Volume: 1
Number of Pages / Range: 122-131, 164-174
ISSN: 1479-5078 1479-5086

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