Medieval Monarchs, Female Illegitimacy and Modern Genealogical Matters: Part I: Sybilla, Queen of Scotland, c.1090-1122

Author: Messer, Danna

Year published: 2003

Description / Notes:

This paper explores the origins of an atypical medieval practice in which some royals exploited their female illegitimate children for political gain. As Henry I led the way in this respect, it is fitting to introduce the topic by evaluating the circumstances pertaining to his daughter, Sybilla, which were influenced by the political agendas of the kings of both England and Scotland. Medieval attitudes towards royal concubinage and gender roles are two important factors that help explain why female bastards were allowed to be players in high politics and why they should continue to be worthy of consideration by modern genealogists specialising in the history of royal families.

Series/Journal/Book Title: Foundations
Language: English

Edition / Issue No.: 2

Accession No./FMG ID S- : 1390
Volume: 1
Number of Pages / Range: 99-103
ISSN: 1479-5078 1479-5086

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