Les Seize Quartiers des Reines et Impératrices Françaises (420-1920)

Author: Saillot, Jacques
Publisher: [author]

Cover Type: Soft
Year published: 1977

Status: See notes
Description / Notes: Review by Frederic D Collin - 13 Jul 2004: It's better to avoid this source if you want to trace medieval ancestors! Mr Saillot is an unreliable source, and there are so many other good books on this subject. This book is full of mistakes, especially in the early times, he invented people that never existed. On the pre-capetian times, it's better to look at 'Préhistoire des Capétiens' from Kerrebrouck and Settipani.
Translated Title: 16 quarterings of French queens and empresses (420-1920)
Language: French

Accession No./FMG ID S- : 656
Number of Pages / Range: 311
Place of Publication: Angers, France

Located in: Books | Books
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