Accession No./FMG ID S- : 740
Translated Title: Royal daughters, king selectors and electors
Author: [various]
Year published: 2002
Publisher: Vittorio Klostermann
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 724
Author: Wagner, Anthony
Year published: 1983
Publisher: Phillimore and Co.
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 690
Translated Title: Manual of history, genealogy and chronology for all the countries of the world
Author: Stokvis, A M H J
Year published: 1888-1893
Publisher: E J Brill
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 673
Translated Title: Our ancestors in antiquity. Studies of possible genealogical links between families of antiquity and those of the European Middle Ages
Author: Settipani, Christian
Year published: 1989
Publisher: Christian
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 657
Translated Title: The house of the kings of Castile and Leon in the middle ages
Author: de Salazar y Acha, Jaime
Year published: 2000
Publisher: Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 641
Translated Title: Pisa in the eleventh and twelfth centuries: Formation and Character of a governing class
Author: Rossetti, Gabriella
Year published: 1977
Publisher: Pacini Editore
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 623
Translated Title: The Badoer. A Venetian family from 10th - 13th centuries
Author: Pozza, Marco
Year published: 1982
Publisher: Francisci
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 607
Translated Title: A Byzantine Imperial Family - Angelo-Comneno-Ducas di Tessaglia
Author: Pelliccioni di Poli, Luciano
Year published: 1987
Publisher: Societa Edizioni Pubblicazioni (SEP)
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 591
Author: Nicholas, David
Year published: 1992
Publisher: Longman
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 575
Translated Title: The Genealogy of Charles II of Anjou, King of Naples
Author: Minieri Riccio, Camillo
Year published: 1960
Publisher: Forni Editore
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