Accession No./FMG ID S- : 551
Translated Title: The Counts of Toulouse and their entourage, XII - XIII centuries. Rivalries, alliances and power games
Author: Macé, Laurent
Year published: 2000
Publisher: Editions Privat
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 533
Translated Title: Studies on the history of the counts of Werl
Author: Leidinger, Paul
Year published: 1965
Publisher: Verein für Geschichte und Altertumskunde Westfalens
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 494
Author: Hogben, S J
Year published: 1930
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 478
Translated Title: History of the counts of Biandrate, recovered from the Vallais archives
Author: de Gingins-La-Sarraz, Frédéric
Year published: 1847
Publisher: Imprimerie Royale
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 459
Translated Title: Scientific genealogy. An introduction to its most fundamental problems
Author: Forst de Battaglia, Otto
Year published: 1948
Publisher: A Francke
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 441
Author: English, Barbara
Year published: 1979
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 423
Translated Title: Catalan expansion in the western Mediterranean, 13th and 14th centuries
Author: Dufourcq, Charles-Emmanuel
Year published: 1969
Publisher: Vicens-Vives
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 406
Translated Title: Queen Bertha and her family (906-1002)
Author: Cingria, Charles-Albert
Year published: 1947
Publisher: Editions des Trois Collines
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 389
Translated Title: The ancestors of Henri IV: 512 quarterings
Author: Casanovas, Francis M
Year published: 1991
Publisher: Editions Christian
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 373
Author: Brentano, Robert
Year published: 1991
Publisher: British Museum Press
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