Accession No./FMG ID S- : 419
Translated Title: Genealogy of the Rurikides [Manuel]. 1st part. 9th-14th centuries
Author: Donskoï, Dimitri
Year published: 1991
Publisher: Société et Noblesse Russe
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 402
Translated Title: Prosopographical studies
Author: Cheynet, Jean-Claude
Year published: 1986
Publisher: Sorbonne
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 385
Translated Title: The Sword, the Silk Road, the Cross. The Ruffo of Calabria from the thirteenth to the nineteenth century
Author: Caridi, Giuseppe
Year published: 1995
Publisher: Societa Editrice Internatzionale
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 369
Translated Title: The descendants of Charlemagne
Author: Brandenburg, Erich
Year published: 1964
Publisher: Zentralstelle für deutsche Personen- und Familiengeschichte
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 350
Author: Barton, Simon
Year published: 1997
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 1221
Translated Title: Brief History of Schleswig-Holstein
Author: Hansen, Reimer
Year published: 1912
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 1045
Author: Waldstein-Wartenberg, Berthold
Year published: 1966
Publisher: Edmund Gans Verlag
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 1792
Author: St George, Henry
Year published: 2000
Publisher: The Harleian Society
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 1776
Translated Title: Ancient Leonese nobility. Noble and distinguished surnames of the city of Leon
Author: Cadenas y Vicent, Francisco de
Year published: 1958
Publisher: Ediciones Hidalguia
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 1739
Translated Title: Genealogical Guide to Belgium and the Low Countries (Artois, Flanders, Hainaut, Luxembourg)
Author: Drugy, Christophe
Year published: 2001
Publisher: Editions Christian
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