Accession No./FMG ID S- : 3289
Author: Vernadsky, George
Year published: 1973
Publisher: Yale University Press
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 3271
Author: [various]
Year published: 1989
Publisher: The University of Wisconsin Press
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 3255
Translated Title: History of Neufchateau: the City, the Lordship, the Ban of Mellier
Author: Geubel, A; Gourdet, L.
Year published: 1956
Publisher: Duculot
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 3236
Translated Title: Greek and Latin Businessmen in Constantinople (13th-15th centuries)
Author: Oikonomidès, Nicolas
Year published: 1979
Publisher: Institut d'Etudes Médiévales
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 3655
Author: Brooks, Andrée Aelion
Year published: 2003
Publisher: Paragon House
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 0017
Translated Title: Medieval Genealogy of Sardinia
thumb_S-0017 cover
Author: Brook, L L
Year published: 1984
Publisher: Due D Editrice mediterranea
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 750
Author: Drell, Joanna H
Year published: 2002
Publisher: Cornell University Press
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 734
Author: Williams, Ann
Year published: 1991
Publisher: Seaby
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 700
Translated Title: Rome and Russia before the invasion of the Tartars (ninth to thirteenth century). Vol. 1: Prince Askold, the Origin of the State of Kiev and the first conversion of the Rus (856-882)
Author: de Taube, Michel
Year published: 1947
Publisher: Cerf
Accession No./FMG ID S- : 684
Author: Smyth, Alfred P
Year published: 1989
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
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