p.47 Hastings pedigree

The Hastings pedigree given on p.47 has unfortunately been created by grafting the line of the dapifer Hastings onto that of Little Easton. Please click the following links for an account of these families, with revised pedigrees:

The family of Hastings, the King’s Dispenser and dapifer of St Edmund’s

Hastings of Little Easton.

p.133 Aiguillon, Manasser

The reference to L F Salzman, 'The family of Aiguillon' Sussex Arch. Coll. 79 (1938), 45-60. should read 'The family of Aguillon'.

Paul K Davis

p.167 Thomas Basset

"Thomas II Basset (d.1219/29) of Headington married Philippa, a daughter and coheiress of William fitz Hugh Malbank (d.1176), by whom he had issue two daughters and coheirs, Philippa, wife of Henry de Newburgh, earl of Warwick (d.1229), and Alice, secondly wife of John Basset".

Thomas and Philippa had three daughters – Philippa, first wife of Henry de Newburgh, earl of Warwick by whom she had Thomas and Margery who died without issue, and secondly Richard Siward whom she divorced in 1242; Joan, wife of Reginald de Vautort, who died without issue; and Alice who was wife of William Malet and secondly John Biset (not Basset) by whom she had three daughters who were the eventual coheirs of the Basset estate.

FND 1 (3): 194-197; CRR, XI, no.256

Eldon Olson; Rosie Bevan

p.175 Bigod, Willelm

Katharine Keats-Rohan

 p.175 Bigod comes, Hugo

Katharine Keats-Rohan

p.176 Bigod Comes, Hugo

"His first marriage to Juliana, daughter of Aubrey II de Vere earl of Oxford, ended in divorce or annulment…".

Aubrey II de Vere was never earl of Oxford - it was his son who was created earl around 1147.

CP, 10: 202

Chris Phillips

p.200 Camerarius, Robert

"Chamberlain of earl Conan of Richmond … Robert’s eventual heirs were his daughters … Beatrice, wife of Richard de Cormeilles (d.1177) and then of Robert de L’Isle …"

Robert de L’Isle was never married to Beatrice. Apart from the chronological difficulty, charter evidence shows that it was an ancestor of the de L’Isles, Ralph fitz Olaf, chamberlain of the bishop of Ely, who was given lands at Wilbraham, with his wife, belonging to the fee of the chamberlain of the earl of Richmond [British Library, Cotton MS Claudius C xi, f. 340; this charter was cited by Victoria County History, Cambridgeshire, vol. 10, p. 309]. Ralph's wife was presumably a daughter or kinswoman of Robert the chamberlain of the Honour of Richmond.

Gordon Kirkemo, Chris Phillips, Rosie Bevan

p.222 Comes, Patricius

"He died in 1168 when his heir was his son William (d.1196). Also father, by his wife Ela de Ponthieu, widow of William III de Warenne (d.1147), of a son Patrick who predeceased his mother."

Earl Patrick had two other sons, Philip and Walter, who attested the charters of their brother William.

EYC, 8: 13, 159; London (1979)

John Ravilious, Linda Jack, Chris Phillips, Rosie Bevan

p.230 Comes de Cornubie, Rainald

"His legitimate issue were two daughters….Matilda, wife of Robert, Earl of Leicester".

This is incorrect. Matilda was married to Robert de Meulan, Count of Meulan (d.c.1207) who was first cousin to Robert, earl of Leicester, the latter being married to Petronilla de Grandmesnil.

CP xi App D 108 note d gives him 4 daughters and coheirs, corrected to 3 in vol. 14. Vol. 14 refers to W L Sheppard, Amer. Geneal., vol. 29, 1953, pp. 13-17; vol. 31, 1955. p. 118

CP, 7: 739

John Ravilious; Chris Phillips

p.234 Comes de Leicestrie, Robert

"He had married, c.1165, Matilda, daughter of Reginald, earl of Cornwall."

His wife was Pernel de Grandmesnil.

CP, 4: 670, chart III shows his wife as Pernel de Grandmesnil, as does CP, 7: 519 (chart). CP, 7: 532, notes (e) through (h), provide substantial evidences for the Pernel Grandmesnil connection, in the form of knights fees and notations from various charters.

Kevin Bradford 

p.235 Comes de Oxeneford, Alberic

“By his third wife he left issue…Robert, third earl (d.1201)”

Evidently a typo, for Robert died in 1221 [CFR, 1216-1224, 222].

p.238 Comes de Senlis, Simon

"He left issue Simon II, later saint Waltheof, abbot of Melrose..."

The wording here tends to confuse Simon with his brother Waltheof. It should read, "...Simon II, Waltheof (later Saint), abbot of Melrose...".

CP, 6: 641, note (b)

Kevin Bradford

p.238 Comes de Senlis, Simon II

“He married Isabel, daughter of Robert earl of Leicester, by whom he had issue a son Simon III and Isabel, wife of William II Mauduit.”

Isabel was wife of William III Mauduit, as given on p.1037

Eldon Olsen

 “He died in 1232…”  William died in 1236 when his lands were taken into the king’s hands and dower was released to his widow Agatha.

CCR 1234-1237 p.269

p.239 Comes de Warenne, Hamelin

"Isabel, countess of Warenne (d. 1209)..."

Isabel was living in Apr. 1203, but died probably soon afterwards, possibly 12 July 1203.

CP, 12/1: 500, quoting CRR, 2: 234 and EYC, 8: 14, note 6

"…William IV de Warenne (d. 1242)."

William IV de Warenne d. 27 May 1240 in London.

CP, 12/1: 503, notes (a) & (b)

Kevin Bradford

p.243 Comitis, Gaufrid Filius Gaufridi and p.989 Frater Regis, Gaufrid

These are two separate entries referring to the same individual, Geoffrey, second son of Geoffrey, count of Anjou and Empress Matilda.

Tim Powys-Lybbe

p.245 Comitissa Ela

"Wife first of William de Warenne II (d.1148)…". Ela was wife of William de Warenne III as correctly given on p.240 under Comes de Warenne, Willelm III.

Eldon Olson

p.250 Constabularius Cestrie, Johannes

"He succeeded his father [Richard FitzEustace] as constable of Chester in 1163".

John succeeded Richard's stepfather (not Richard) as constable - Richard's stepfather (Robert FitzCount) having died "in or before 1166".

CP, 12/2: 274, note (d)

Chris Phillips

For "Warwkworth" read Warkworth.

Eldon Olson

p.263 de Abrincis, William

"In 1242 his heir was his granddaughter Matilda, wife of Hamo II de Crevequer (d. 1263)".

There is some ambiguity of whom Matilda was heir, but in either case there is an error. Matilda was William’s great grand-daughter being the sister of William III d’Abrincis d. 1236, son of William II d.1230, son of Simon d. 1203, son of William the subject of the entry.

Sanders (1960), p.45

Tim Powys-Lybbe

p.272 de Albini Brito, Willelm II

"Married Matilda de Senlis, daughter of Robert fitz Walter and Matilda de Senlis…".

Matilda's father was Robert fitz Richard de Clare or as set out on p.399 as Robert de Clare.

Cristopher Nash

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