Family Name   Volume / Page

Hachenburg   IV(2)/88
Hachenburg-Greifenstein   IV(2)/90, 91
Hagen   III/221
Hagen-Münzenberg   I/39
Hamberg   III/242
Hammerstein (Burggrafen)   IV(1)/30
Handschuchsheim   I/75
Hase von Dievelich   IV(1)/41
Hattstein   II/171, 186
Hatzfeld   IV(1)/32
Heinsberg   II/122, 126, IV(1)/5
Heinzenberg   IV(1)/34
Helmstatt   III/280
Hengebach   I/14
Heppenheft   IV(2)/107
Heti-Scharfeneck, de   IV(1)/10
Heusenstamm   I/39, 77
Hilchen von Lorch   III/258
Hirschberg   III/224
Hirschhorn   II/172
Hofels   IV(1)/35
Hoheneck (Pfalz)   IV(2)/114
Hohenfels   I/36
Hohenlimburg   see Limburg an der Lenne
Homburg an der Kanner   III/242
Homburg im der Pfalz, Grafen   III/227
Hostaden   I/1
Huneburg   II/138
Hunolstein   III/222
Hurt von Schönecken   III/286, IV(1)/36
Hutten   IV(2)/118
Isenberg   III/209
Isenburg   II/132
Jülich   I/14
Junkerath   III/216
Kaiserslautern   see Lautern
Kämmerer von Worms   I/84, II/175
Kämmerer von Worms gen. Dalberg   II/177
Katzenelnbogen (Grafen)   IV(2)/65
Kellenbach   III/277
Kempenich   II/169
Kerpen   I/16
Kessel   IV(2)/76
Kilian   I/108
Kirkel   I/25
Knebel von Catznelnbogen   IV(1)/37
Kobel von Reifenberg   II/186
Kolb von Wartenberg   IV(1)/38
Koppenstein   IV(2)/98
Krautheim   I/6

Stammtafeln Westdeutscher Adels-geschlechter im Mittelalter, the four part work by Walther Möller was published from 1922 onwards, has been reprinted more recently. 

The FMG has compiled an index to these families so that researchers may see whether their family of interest may be found in this important source. Anyone wishing to acquire this work can do so from the distributors Verlag Degener & Co., Neustadt an der Aisch, or for further information contact the FMG at 

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