Family Name   Volume / Page

Ober-Salm   II/148
Oberstein   III/271
Ochsenstein   I/18
Oppenweiler   IV(2)/116
Orley   IV(2)/104
Ouren   IV(1)/44
Pirmont   I/99
Pittingen   II/150
Praunheim-Sachsenhausen   III/261
Preungesheim (Bruningesheim)   III/263, 266
Puller von Honenberg   II/180
Püttlingen   II/152
Randeck   I/82
Randerode   IV(2)/78
Rappoltstein   II/154
Rathsamhausen   II/182
Raugrafen   I/21
Rautenwappen   IV(2)/88
Ravensburg   III/277
Reichenstein   IV(2)/86
Reichsschenken   I/42
Reifenberg   II/171, 186
Reifferscheid   II/155
Rennenberg   IV(2)/84
Reuland   IV(1)/49
Rheineck (Burggrafen)   IV(1)/50
Rieneck   I/23
Rinberg   IV(2)/107
Rödelheim   III/262, 264
Rodemachern   II/157
Rodenstein   I/54
Rollingen   III/242
Rosenberg   II/188
Rückingen   IV(2)/105
Rüd von Bödigheim   III/284
Rüd von Collenberg   III/284
Rüdesheim I (mit den Lilien)   I/85
Rüdesheim II (mit dem Flügel)   I/88
Rüdigheim   IV(2)/105
Runkel   III/239

Stammtafeln Westdeutscher Adels-geschlechter im Mittelalter, the four part work by Walther Möller was published from 1922 onwards, has been reprinted more recently. 

The FMG has compiled an index to these families so that researchers may see whether their family of interest may be found in this important source. Anyone wishing to acquire this work can do so from the distributors Verlag Degener & Co., Neustadt an der Aisch, or for further information contact the FMG at 

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