Provisional Genealogical Table: Descendants of Friedrich of Trackenstein and his brothers

Descendants of Friedrich of Trackenstein and his brothers Hans and Ulrich.

Display notes: those shown with a pale blue background are supported by charter evidence. Additional information is taken from Bucelin (see introductory page).

Blue font is used for males, red for females.

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A1 Friedrich of Trackenstein, 1287,1345, m Elisabeth of Hageln
B1 Heinrich, capitulary in Eichstätt
B2 Schach
C1 Friedrich, 1381, m Barbara of Nußdorf
B3 Ulrich, m Gute of Bernhausen
C1 Heinrich, 1391
C2 Johann, canon
C3 Ulrich, m Adelheid of Ehestetten
D1 Ulrich, 1494, m Anna Besserer
D2 Johannes m Margarethe Besserer
D3 Friedrich m (1) Resa of Hörnlingen, (2) Elisabeth of Friedingen
E1 Ulrich, 1484, m Margarethe of Westernach

Ulrich, 1420, m (1) Margrethe of Wernauw,
                      m (2) Sibylle Marschall of Pappenheim

G1 Ulrich, 1496, m Ursula of Rechberg
H1 Wilhelm, 1542
H2 Anna, 1560, ux Hans Burkhard of Wernauw
H3 Catharina, first nun in Urspring, then m Konrad Barner
H4 Johannes, 1584, last member of the line of Drackenstein
H5 Barbara
H6 Ursula † 1590
H7 Apollonia ux N. of Gundelsheim
G2 Sibylla
F2 Ursula?
E2 Wolfgang
B4 Berthold, 1364,1432
C1 Berthold the younger, 1375
B5 Johannes, 1390, m Dorothea Kräftin?
C1 Rudolph m Dorothea of Weithausen
D1 Rudolph the younger m Catharina of Schweningen
E1 Wolfgang, 1403, m (1)Siguna of Cammer, m (2) Ottilia of Ramingen

Wolfgang the younger in Altenberg, m (1) Anna of Emmershofen,
                                                          m (2) Benigna of Eps


Wolfgang, 1511, m (1) Elisabeth of Wernauw,
                            m (2) Catharina of Freyberg

H1 Christoph, canon in Augsburg
H2 Caspar
H3 Benigna ux N of Cronheim

Wolfgang m (1) Anna of Rechberg,
                 m (2) Ursula of Riedheim,
                 m (3) Dorothee of Rinderbach

I1 Wolfgang, 1603-1642, m Maria of Knöringen
I2 Maria Anna ux Johann of Sirgenstein
I3 Sibylla ux Hector of Freyberg
I4 Johann Christoph, bishop of Eichstätt, + 1636
I5 Heinrich Ludwig
I6 Ursula, 1585, ux Caspar Bernhard Speeth
I7 Rudolf, 1603, m Agathe of Hornstein
J1 Wolf Christoph
J2 Maria Dorothea, 1639, ux Johann Theodor of Freyberg
J3 Maria Barbara, 1631, ux Johann Theodor of Roth
J4 Maria Walpurga ux Christoph of Bubenhofen
H5 Rudolf + 1606
H6 Ursula ux Itel Fezer of Oggenhausen
H7 Anna, 1570, ux Ulrich of Knöringen
H8 Margaretha ux Joachim of Neideck
H9 Maria ux (1) Walter of Seckendorff, (2) Wolfgang of Erlach
G2 Rudolf, capitulary
G3 Ursula ux Dionysos of Königsegg
G4 Ottilia, nun in Zimmern
G5 N, prioress in Lichnauw
G6 Hans Dietrich, 1497-1541, m Susanna of Neuhausen
H1 Anna, 1541, ux Michael of Welden
F2 Rudolph m (1) Margarethe of Kalthental m (2) NN of Homburg
F3 Notpurga ux Philipp of Bettendorf
E2 Rudolph, 1426, canon in Augsburg
E3 Anna ux Conrad of Ellerbach
E4 Burkhard, 1437-16 Knight of the Teutonic Order
C2 Johannes, 1404
C3 Heinrich
B6 Friedrich,1376,m Anastasia of Thierberg
C1 Friedrich the younger
B7 Wilhelm
C1 Friedrich, 1394, m Anne of Weiler
D1 Friedrich
D2 Johannes, named Schopp, 1447, m Ursula of Ehingen
E1 Ulrich Dietegen, 1550,+1582, m N of Thierberg
E2 Dietegen in Straßberg, 1522, m Margarethe burgravine of Buttenbach
F1 Adolf Dietegen m Margarethe of Reischach + < 1552
H1 Friedrich, 1550, m Barbara von Stotzingen
G1 Barbara ux. Joaxhim of Velldorf
G2 Adolf Dietegen, 1547, m N of Erolzheim
G3 Ulrich Dietgen, + 1580
G4 Friedrich, 1593, m Anna Wendlerin
H1 Eitel Friedrich, 1590, m Maria of Züllnhardt
I1 Georg Dietrich, 1590-1625, m Barbara Schenkin of Stauffenberg
I2 Maria
G5 Johann in Straßberg
G6 Dietrich
G7 Catharina ux Johann Ulrich of Hunweil
G8 Ursula
G9 Helena
F1 Margarethe ux Johann Wolfgang of Zillenhardt
E3 Theodor Adolf Dietegen
E4 Friedrich
B8 Kunigunde, 1364, ux Hans Rüß
A2   Hans, 1287
A3   Ulrich, 1289,
B1 Friedrich
B2 NN, His father could even be Friedrich (A1), m N of Wernau
C1 NN m N of Weiler, daugther of N. of Schellenberg

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