Foundations 1(5)

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The First English Duchess: Isabel de Beaumont, Duchess of Lancaster (c.1318-c.1359)

by Brad Verity

This article covers the life of Isabel de Beaumont, wife of Henry of Grosmont, Duke of Lancaster. Her parentage and chronology, and her limited impact on the 14th century English court, are explored, with emphasis on correcting the established account of her death. It will be shown that she did not survive, but rather predeceased, her husband.

A Family of Mercers in Medieval London

by Shirley Garton Straney

A fourteenth century family coordinating elements of English life, the academy, the church, the crown, land, commerce and family connections to become significant participants in London life.

Ideas on the Structure and Methodologies of a Public Medieval Genealogical Database – Part 2

by Joe Edwards

Continued from vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 22-30.  This instalment details the possible presentational formats of a public database and shows how it could be effectively administered.

A Study of a Medieval Knightly Family: The Longfords of Derbyshire – Part 2

by Rosie Bevan

This is the second part of an account of the Longford family of Derbyshire, correcting the 1569 and 1611 Herald’s Visitation pedigree and enlarging on the family history. The medieval pedigree is brought forward into the 16th century with links to the modern period.

Additions and Corrections to the Complete Peerage: Robert de Welle and the Honor of Haughley (Suffolk)

by Peter Wells

Anglo-Saxon Pedigrees Annotated – Part 2

transcribed by Michael Wood

A continuation of the transcript of pencil annotations from the London Library copy of Anglo-Saxon Bishops, Kings and Nobles (Searle, 1899). That work is a useful source for 10th and 11th century families, especially of non-royal lines. The notes should be read in conjunction with the introduction to part 1 of the article [Foundations (2004) 1 (4): 269-274], and with Searle’s original publication. A scanned copy of the latter is available on our website

Some Internet Resources for Medieval Genealogy

Chris Phillips continues his regular feature with a focus on three academic projects that have recently made important collections of medieval English source material freely available on the Internet: Calendar of the Patent Rolls; Documents of Essex (DEEDS); and Monasticon Anglicanum.

Letters to the Editor

Isaac Comnenus, ‘Emperor of Cyprus’ and his Daughter  (Szabolcs de Vajay)
Popes and Pornocrats Briefly Revisited  (Lindsay Brook)
Bohémond de Brienne  (Lindsay Brook)


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