by Léa Chaillou [1]


The family of the viscounts and lords of Léon (11th–14th centuries) is well–known for its many conflicts with the dukes of Brittany and the Plantagenet family. If the power of the viscounts slowly decreased from 1179 onwards, that of the family junior branch, the lords of Léon, kept increasing until their estates passed into the House of Rohan, following the succession of the last lord’s sister, who had married Jean I, viscount of Rohan. The name Léon was nevertheless still borne in the first half of the 15th century by the lords of Hacqueville, a junior branch of the lords of Léon.

However, the genealogy of the family, and more specifically that of the first viscounts, is somewhat unclear, due to sometimes contradictory sources. The following article aims at shedding light on the genealogy of this family. This online version has been updated (2020) with corrections supplied by the author and published in Vol.12 of the journal.

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