Sir Adam de Kilconquhar, Earl of Carrick

by Alex Maxwell Findlater [1]


The arms of three cinquefoil, gold on black, baffled Gerald Brault in Rolls of Arms of Edward I, known as “Aspilogia III”, where he listed them improbably under Bruce.  These arms were those of Sir Adam de Kilconquhar, recorded in a seal and two armorial rolls.  The genealogy of the Kilconquhar family is clear up to 1236, but there is crucially no direct evidence of the parentage of Sir Adam.  The problems which have to be addressed are three: that Sir Adam as a scion of the Fife family should have had Fife-derived arms; he was Earl of Carrick, but his succession did not include the earldom; and finally his arms are Sable three cinquefoils Or as Earl of Carrick, which are confirmed by his seal.

Foundations (2021) 13: 93–104                            © Copyright FMG and the author

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