by Michael P Bodman[1]


William Tazewell, immigrant to Virginia in 1715 with a prominent descendancy, has long been the subject of American genealogical interest but his origin and ancestry had not been documented. Recently-published visitations, corroborated by wills and deeds, show the Virginia settler’s maternal grandmother to be a member of the family of Reade of Faccombe, Hampshire, which also produced another prominent Virginia settler, Colonel George Reade, a great-grandfather of George Washington, first President of the United States. Colonel George Reade had long been known to have demonstrable medieval ancestry, including lines from King Edward III, through his great-grandmother Frances Dymoke, wife of Sir Thomas Windebank. This article documents the sixteenth- and seventeenth-century generations by which William Tazewell of Virginia shares this medieval ancestry via Windebank, Reade, Kingsmill and Tazewell. It concludes with new heraldic information on the Reade and Tazewell arms.

Foundations (2013) 5: 65-76 © Copyright FMG and the author

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