Foundations 3(5)

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  • [Eirene?], First Wife of Emperor Isaakios II Angelos, is a Probable Tornikina and Gateway to Antiquity  (Don C Stone and Charles R Owens)
  • The Wives of Sir James the Steward (d.1309) (Andrew B W MacEwen)
  • Keith and Gordon Notes: Addenda and Corrigenda (Andrew B W MacEwen)
  • Identifying the Mother of Sir John Hawkwood (Michael Andrews-Reading)
  • The Early Mortimers of Wigmore, 1066 to 1181 (Paul Martin Remfry)
  • A line of hereditary viscounts in Ponthieu (Charles Clifton Chancey)
  • Medieval Landed Inheritances of the Junkar and Vilken Lineages of Vehkalahti, Finland (M Sjöström)
  • The Use of Heraldry in English Medieval Genealogy (Jeremy Goldsmith)
  • The Robertians - Relations and Alliances (Olivier Mistral)

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