The Wives of Sir James the Steward (d.1309)

The Wives of Sir James the Steward (d.1309)
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by Andrew B W MacEwen

This paper rehabilitates the traditional year of Sir James the Steward’s birth, names his first two wives, explains the late date of his third marriage to Giles de Burgh, and provides information about their four known children. It posits a double marriage alliance between the Stewarts and Comyns about 1240, clarifies the date of birth of Robert II, and establishes the circumstances of his mother’s death in 1317. It incidentally brings forward some overlooked information on the Muschamp family and shows when Sir William, earl of Mar, actually died. Lastly it draws together what little is known concerning Sir Nicholas Campbell (d.1305), whose representation passed to the Lochawe branch.

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