The Robertians - Relations and Alliances

The Robertians - Relations and Alliances
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by Olivier Mistral

translated from French by Patrick Evans

For many years work in France by Karl Werner, followed by that of Christian Settipani, has shed considerable light on the status of the Robertians, particularly as regards their ancestry, which is probably linked with a large clan which for its part contributed to the rise of the Carolingians. Whatever the case, their family has its origins along the Rhine and is closely related to the Carolingians and to the family of Queen Ermentrude, first wife of Charles the Bald. Starting from the work of Christian Settipani in his book on the Robertians, I attempt to clarify various hypotheses concerning this family for the period between Robert the Strong and Hugh Capet. Adelaide, wife of Robert the Strong, is thought to be related both to the family of Adalard the Seneschal and to the family of Empress Hildegarde. Teodrade, wife of King Odo [Eudes], is considered to be related to the Rorgonides. Adelaide, wife of Hugh Capet, is probably not from the family of the Counts of Poitiers, but could be a relative of the Counts Roger/Hugh, descended from the Unrochides.

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