The Genealogist (NS) vol.2 (1885)

Volume 2: selected articles

The full text of this volume is also available online (external site). The list below indicates selected articles of medieval interest.
The Genealogist (NS) vol.2 list of contents
Family of Taillefer alias Borlase ... co. Cornwall

History of the family of Taillefer alias Borlase of Borlas Frank Taillefer in the county of Cornwall,
by William Copeland Borlase, pp. 1-14, 129-141, 225-239, 283-292  S-4068
Post-medieval descent continues in vol.3 ff, not shown on our website.

The Boroughbridge Roll of Arms

Continued from vol.1, edited by James Greenstreet, pp.30-33, 98-103.
S-2777 (2)

The Steward genealogy and Cromwell's "royal descent"

continued from vol.1, by Walter Rye, pp.34-42  S-3895 (2)

"Walter Fitz Gilbert" ancestor of the dukes of Hamilton

by Joseph Bain, pp.43-46  S-4069

Calendarium Genealogicum

by John A C Vincent, pp. 61-64, 88-93  S-2835 (pt2)
continued from vol.1, continues in vol.3

Dukes, Earls and Maormars

by J H Round and W A Lindsay, pp. 64-71,  S-2834 (2)
continuing the theme from vol.1

The Visitation of Berkshire in 1566 (pt2)

edited by Walter C Metcalfe, pp.71-77, 106-112  S-3894 (2)
concluded from vol.2

Sir William Stewart of Jedworth, knight, ancestor of the earl of Galloway

by Joseph Bain, pp.81-84  S-4070

Bracton's note-book

communicated by Maj-General the Hon. G Wrottesley, pp.142-3   S-2858 (1)
British Museum additional MS 12269
continues in vols.5 and 6

Notes on the Heralds' Visitations (2)

by G W Marshall, pp.148-150, 261-267  S-3896 (2)
continued from vol.1, continues in vol.3

The first bishop of Bath and Wells

by John A C Vincent, pp.161-186, 267-275  S-2863 (1)

with an appendix of proofs derived from the Public Records and other authentic sources.
continues in vol.4.

The Ormonde Attainders

by J Horace Round, pp.186-189  S-4074

a response to the article by Hall in vol.1

The Visitation of Dorsetshire, AD 1565 (pt1)

edited by Walter C Metcalfe, pp.219-225, 296-303  S-3951 (1)
concluded in vol.3

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