The Genealogist (NS) vol.13 (1897)

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Vol.13 Contents list
The Ascendants of Geoffrey Plantagenet

by Sir George R Sitwell, pp.1-10  S-3952

Gerard de Normanville

by GW Watson, pp.11-15  S-3953

"De" Poher; and Le Poher

(a) by JH Round and (b) by Count de la Poer,  pp.15-16, 131-132

S-3954 (2)  continued from Vol.12

The Gillman or Gilman family

by Walter Rye, pp.16-19  S-3955

The origin of the Lindsays

by Sir George Sitwell, pp.19-20  S-1351 (2)
continued from Vol.12

The Visitation of Wiltshire 1565

communicated by Walter C Metcalfe, pp.21-29, 89-94

S-2362 (3)  continued from Vol 12

Pedigrees from the Plea Rolls

by Major-General the Hon. George Wrottesley, pp.34-40, 94-102, 172-182, 240-252

S-2363 (7)  continued from Vol 12, continues in Vol 14

Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire, with additions

ed. JW Clay,  pp.46-61, 106-120, 157-172, 259-272 

S-2365 (5)  continued from Vol 12, continues in Vol 14

The family of Somerville and the Poet of the Chase

by George William Campbell,  pp.73-81, 152-157   S-3956

The pedigree of the Fane and Vane family

by WVR Fane, pp.81-86  S-3957

The Welsh descent of the Fane family

by Keith W Murray, pp.209-213  S-3958

The Samborne ancestry

by VC Sanborn, pp.145-152, see also p 280 S-3959

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