The Topographer and Genealogist Vol.2 (1853)

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Genealogy physiologically considered with a "tail female" pedigree of D'Oyly

pp.1-27, 88-89

An account of the family of Hodilow

of Cambridgeshire, Essex, Northamptonshire, and Middlesex.

pp.28-72  S-1663

Genealogical additions to the history of Stockton upon Tees

pp.73-88, 97-123, 550-559

Monuments in East Winch church, Norfolk

pp.90-96  S-1664

Pedigree of the Tregoze family

pp.124-136  S-1665

Sepulchral memorials of the English at Bruges

pp.137-152, 468-493, 535-539  S-1686

Sepulchral memorials and art in parish churches of Suffolk

Colnies, Cosford and Hartismere hundreds (pp 153-168)  S-1666
Hoxne hundred (pp 234-246)  S-1674
Ipswich town (pp 289-304)
Lackford hundred (pp 385-397)
Loes hundred (pp 494-505)  S-1687

NB large download file, 4.5MB

Honywood evidences

pp 169-185, 189-192, 256-269, 312-339, 433-446

S-1667 NB large download file, 4.3MB

Deed (1311) relating to Kilvey, Glamorgan

p. 185

Charter (1304) relating to Leysanteston

p. 186

Cirograph (1281) between Lady Margaret de Ros and William de Stirkeland

pp. 187-189

Youghal church (Ireland), Boyle memorials, & Sir Walter Raleigh's house

pp. 193-209 S-1671

Genealogy of the family of Drew

pp. 209-215  S-1672

Harlakenden family deeds

pp. 215-223

Narburgh church, Norfolk

pp. 224-233 S-1673

Marche pedigree, Isle of Ely

pp. 246-253

Llangeinwr tithes (1466), Glamorgan

pp. 253-256

de Turbeville charter (1335), Landimore, Gower

pp. 269-271 S-1676

Ufford pedigree

pp. 271-277 S-1677

Plomer family pedigree

pp. 278-280 S-1678


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