Gingins-la-Sarraz, Frédéric de (1847). Documents pour servir à l'Histoire des Comtes de Biandrate, recueillis dans les Archives du Vallais.

 This short book, with the main text in French, was published in 1847 by the “Imprimerie Royale” of Turin. It is reprinted from the Mémoires de l’Académie des Sciences de Turin, Vol. 10, series II.
The work is divided into several sections, as follows:
• Part 1: A note on the origin and the possessions of the Comtes de Biandrate in the 11th and 12th centuries (16 pages)
• Part 2: Genealogy of the Comtes de Biandrate du Valais (18 pages plus 2 tables)
• Documents: Transcripts of 16 sources (in Latin) (18 pages)
• Appendix A: Transcript of a manuscript (in Italian) on the origin and influence of the counts of Biandrate (8 pages)
• Appendix B: Notes and additions (in French) to the main text (3 pages plus 1 table)


Histoire des Comtes de Biandrate

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