C[okayne], G E & Watson, G W (1896) - The Seize Quartiers of the Kings and Queens of England.

The Seize Quartiers was first published in The Genealogist (New Series) in the late 19th century. The version in the FMG collection is a limited edition reprint (25 copies) by William Pollard & Co. of Exeter dated 1896. It comprises two series, of which the second was published first, and is printed first in the combined volume.

First series: Henry II to Richard III, pp.69-153.
Second series: Henry VII to Victoria, pp.2-68, including a supplement on the future kings Edward VII, George V and their wives.
Additions and corrections: pp.153-154.

The work comprises a series of genealogical tables with the ancestry to four generations (hence the seize [16] quartiers) of each of the English monarchs during the period concerned, together with their consorts. The online edition is presented as PDF files, scanned from the original source in the library of the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy (FMG). The list of contents at the beginning shows the page number for each table. The notes follow on from each table.


Seize Quartiers - title, contents list, preface
Seize Quartiers - Henry II to Henry III
Seize Quartiers - Edward I to Richard III
Seize Quartiers - Henry VII to James II
Seize Quartiers - William III to George V

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