Family Name   Volume / Page

Adelsheim   IV(1)/18
Adenau   IV(1)/17
Ahr   I/1
Alben (Saaralben)   III/244
Allenbach   IV(1)/4
Allendorf   IV(1)/37
Altena   III/209
Amorbach   IV(1)/18
Arberg   IV(2)/69
Are   see Ahr
Aumann   I/108
Autel   see Elter
Battenberg   IV(2)/82
Bayer von Boppard   I/50
Beilstein-Greifenstein   IV(2)/91
Berberg   IV(1)/48
Berg (Grafen)   III/209
Berlichingen   I/51
Bettingen   IV(2)/71
Bicken   IV(2)/93
Bickenbach   I/4
Bilenstein   IV(1)/38
Blâmont   II/148
Blankenberg   IV(2)/88
Blankenheim   III/214
Blieskastel   II/138
Bocksberg   see Boxberg
Bolanden   I/33
Bolchen   IV(1)/46
Bommersheim-Praunheim   III/266
Boxberg   I/6
Brandenburg   II/166

Brandenburg (Lux.)

Brendel von Homburg   III/247
Breuberg   I/72
Bruch in der Eifel   IV(1)/8
Bruck   IV(2)/72
Bruningesheim   see Preungesheim
Brunshorn   IV(2)/74
Buchenau   IV(2)/123
Buches   I/52
Bürresheim   IV(1)/9
Carben   III/248
Chiney   II/136
Cleve   II/121
Criechingen   IV(2)/103
Cronberg   III/250
Cronenberg (Eifel)   II/127
Crumbach   I/54

Stammtafeln Westdeutscher Adels-geschlechter im Mittelalter, the four part work by Walther Möller was published from 1922 onwards, has been reprinted more recently. 

The FMG has compiled an index to these families so that researchers may see whether their family of interest may be found in this important source. Anyone wishing to acquire this work can do so from the distributors Verlag Degener & Co., Neustadt an der Aisch, or for further information contact the FMG at 

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