The Topographer and Genealogist Vol.3 (1858)

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Apuldrefield manor, Cudham, Kent

pp. 1-21, 178-222  S-1689

NB large download file, 5.2 MB

Petition to Parliament, temp. Charles I, on common pasture rights in Wootton Bassett, Wilts

pp. 22-25

Memoranda in heraldry

pp. 25-48, 147-154, 261-269, 375-384, 503-511

NB large download file, 4.6 MB

Was William of Wykeham of the Swalcliffe family

pp. 49-74

Property of the Earl of Tyrone and other fugitives from Ulster in 1616

pp. 75-95

Indenture Enumerating Various Lands in Cirencester (1489)

pp. 95-96  S-1691

Chartulary of Talbot Pepys, Impington, Cambs

pp. 97-109

Chartae Tyrranae (charters relating to Cork and its vicinity)

pp. 110-122

Tenures in Ireland [1587-1676]

pp. 123-146

Beke of Haddenham, Bucks

pp. 154-177 S-1694

Contest between the King's purveyors and the secular clergy of Meath, 3 Edw.II

pp.223-239 S-1695

Sir Edward Arundel and the manor of Aynho, Northants

pp. 240-255  S-1696

Family of Smith, alias Heriz, of Leicestershire

pp. 255-260  S-1697

Pedigrees of Ellis and Fitz-Ellis

pp. 270-297  S-1698

Huguenot epitaphs, Paris, 1675

pp. 298-302

Statistical account of the Diocese of Cloyne, Ireland, 1774


Parish Registers of Hornby, Yorkshire

pp. 325-347

Parish Registers of Milton Lislebon, nr Pewsey, Wilts

pp. 347-352

Early pedigrees of the Parr family

pp. 352-360, 597-8  S-1699

Pedigrees of Bishop

pp. 361-370  S-1700


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