FMG member Regina Hoffmann is working on a project to document the lesser nobility of specified locations in southern Germany. So far she has documented the medieval families of four villages in Baden-Württemberg, namely Schechingen, Böbingen, Adelmannsfelden and Westerstetten. Following an introductory text, family tree charts provide links to the specific data sheets for individuals in the families, including source citations from the relevant German archives. The Woellwarth family is from the area known as the "Ries" in western Bavaria, north-west of the river Danube.
Link here for a Wikipedia article on German nobility and the related naming conventions.

Link to Google maps showing the Baden-Württemberg villages, Schechingen in centre, Böbingen to the south, and Adelmannsfelden to the north-east. Westerstetten is further south.

Link to Google maps for the Nördlinger Ries district of Bavaria, to the east of the Baden-Württemberg villages. River Danube (Donau) at bottom right.

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