The first members of this family resided in Westerstetten, a small village near Ulm in Baden-Württemberg. They took the family name from the village and were mentioned for the first time in 1094. They sold their ancestral castle in 1414 to the monastery of Elchingen. In the 14th century the family split into several branches, establishing themselves in several districts such as Drackenstein, Katzenstein, Straßberg and others.

They were servants of the count of Helfenstein and Württemberg. The family became extinct in 1649. Interestingly they had the same arms as the families of Schechingen, Böbingen and Schaumberg.

The genealogical tables provided are based upon evidence from charters, together with Gabriel Bucelin, Germania topo-chrono-stemmato-graphica sacra et prophana. Ulmae et Augustae Vindelicorum, Apud Johannem Görlinum Bibliopolam; 1655 - 1678 []

These families and individuals have proved difficult to interlink fully, so the tables are in various groups (a) early records, not yet linked to the rest of the families; (b) descendants of Friedrich of Trackenstein [A1] and his brothers Hans [A2] and Ulrich [A3]; (c) descendants of Egolphus [Ia]; (d) individuals in religious orders; (e) the Altenberg/ Staufen/ Bernstadt line; (f) participants in tournaments.(g) list of individual datasheets


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